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YouTube and Influencer Marketing

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Since YouTube was first created in 2005, Vlogging (video-blogging) has been an important component that has made YouTube a popular choice for YouTube to young children people. Today, with the influence of Vloggers, or as they are more popularly known as YouTubers and at an all-time level, should parents be concerned about their impact on their children? People have the option to buy YouTube subscribers with YTpals.


What is Vlogger?

  • Vloggers are video bloggers. Vloggers who upload their videos on YouTube are referred to as YouTubers.
  • They typically upload their videos and the people they know to host sites like YouTube and Vimeo. The content they include in their videos can range from comedy skits to make-up instructions to thoughtful monologues about current events and personal issues.
  • The most prominent YouTubers can attract millions of subscribers, and the most well-known can earn as much as PS10 million annually in endorsement and advertising fees.


The New Vlogger


Vlogging has advanced since the inception of YouTube, and YouTubers are currently employing thousands of pounds of drones, cameras, and top-of-the-line microphones instead of the camera phones of low quality that sparked the vlogging trend. With this increased production value comes more enormous viewers. Click here

KSI The London-born YouTuber who is a do-it-all currently has several 18 million subscribers on YouTube, 4.35 million followers on Twitter, and 5.3 million followers on Instagram. It is not surprising that this kind of size audience has led to YouTubers, like KSI, having an enormous influence on youngsters and children.


Influencer Marketing


The special relationship YouTubers have with their users has also led to the creation an entirely new type of advertising dubbed Influencer Marketing’. It involves YouTubers paid large sums by corporations who seamlessly incorporate the company’s products and services in their videos. This can also include YouTubers marketing themselves with their products, events, and services. The potential of this type of marketing is astounding, as evidenced by US influencer marketing business, Tomson, saying that companies can expect an average of $6.50 for every dollar spent.

Influencers and YouTubers engaging in this manner is ethical and beneficial. However, it isn’t entirely clear how easy it can be for YouTubers’ targeted audiences, including the young and the younger generation, to distinguish what constitutes an individual YouTuber’s genuine opinion about the product versus what they’re being paid to promote. Mainly since they are a part of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), they suggest to creators that they are only required to use the particular “#ad” in their video titles if they have surrendered the complete control of content and been paid by the brand. Therefore, parents must talk to their children to ensure they understand the ways and reasons why their favorite YouTubers may be trying to convince their viewers to purchase certain products or services.

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