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You Can Copy and Use an ISO 13485 Risk Management Plan Example

ISO 13485
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When it includes getting regulatory approval, creativity is rarely, if ever, a tremendous thing.

Medical device businesses have the opportunity to exercise innovation in product development and way development. However, creativity and innovation aren’t the exceptional techniques to take if you are growing the right ISO 13485 Risk Management Plan.

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A Risk Management Plan is meant to be a product diploma record that identifies the dangerous sports activities that get up withinside the direction of your organization`s product lifecycle. Risk manipulate sports activities are speculated to carry out as living documents and get maintained updates each time your organization adopts new techniques or controls closer to danger. The smartest technique you could take is clean—to create a record it truly is clean to use as part of your danger manipulate file and update it frequently.

An ISO 13485 danger manipulate record wants to cope with your organization’s systems for using insurance and technique to the severa sports activities concerned in reading, evaluating, controlling, and measuring danger withinside the direction of the product lifecycle. Each device is a hint one-of-a-kind, that might require some customization of this template format. However, we can show you the maximum essential components of an exceptional Risk Management Plan to get you started.

An Example ISO 13485 Risk Management Plan

An ISO 13485 Risk Management Plan is a record that gives a framework for adopting a danger-based completely technique to product development and the exceptional manipulation system.

Clause 4.2.1 of the equal antique for medical device manufacturers clarifies that danger manipulation plays a more widespread characteristic withinside the contemporary update than the previous model, ISO 13485:2003: “Anything that influences the exceptional system wants to have seemed from that danger perspective.” This plan wants to provide a high-diploma framework that prescribes how danger-based completely selections are executed to product attention and one-of-a-kind additives of operations, inclusive of record manipulation, training, purchasing, and company relationships.

The danger is defined in the trendy as something that might impact the safety or basic overall performance of the device, or the device’s potential to attain market approval. The Risk Management Plan is not speculated to be a whole record of danger mitigation sports activities internal a medical device manufacturing organization. Instead, it exists as one piece of documentation withinside the danger manipulate the file. The file is typically a series of associated virtual documents which comprise all danger-related information and documentation for every product withinside the organization’s portfolio, inclusive of:

  • Risk Analyses
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Risk Control Measures
  • Residual Risk Evaluations

The exceptional ISO 13485 Risk Management Plans are robust enough to help your organization attain regulatory compliance and certification. They are also clean enough to be edited and advanced regularly. While no businesses or devices are equal, the following plan components can encompass a number one template for the industry.

1.0 Scope of Plan

The scope wants to define the kind of danger that manipulates sports activities, inclusive of all products covered withinside the Risk Management Plan. It is feasible to function multiple products internally a single Risk Management Plan at businesses with multiple products withinside the portfolio, despite the fact that each of these products might require a first-rate danger manipulation file.

A regular scope of plan section wants to:

  • Define the product and exceptional manipulate the system
  • Briefly describe the intended use of the product
  • Explain the reason for the danger and manipulate the way withinside the organization
  • Reference related SOPs for formal danger manipulation withinside the organization

Sample Scope Language

This plan identifies the danger manipulate sports activities and duties required for the venture, from the format segment via market release, steady with SOP-17, Design Control.

A danger manipulation way is in location to provide a system for danger manipulation; to find out the dangers associated with medical devices, to estimate and examine the associated risks, to control the one’s risks, and to display the effectiveness of the controls. This way is documented in SOP-20, Risk Management.

The development organization will find out the dangers posed with the useful resource of the usage of the devices, estimate the risks of the hazard, the danger of occurrence, assessment/mitigation of the risks, and verification the effectiveness of any mitigation with the useful resource of the usage of way or product validation.

At market release, the Risk Management Plan can be reviewed and updated as required to assure the proper measures are in location for amassing ongoing post-production facts about the general overall performance of the product.

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2.0 Assignment of Responsibilities and Authorities

ISO 13485:2016 located more emphasis on the characteristic of manipulating withinside the danger mitigation way. The mission of duties wants to cope with absolutely everyone withinside the organization who is concerned in danger of manipulating sports activities and venture segment associated with each organizational characteristic.

Defining obligations and powers withinside the Risk Management Plan allow businesses to update this record in the location of the Project Plan, this is typically updated at the forestall of each segment.

3.0 Review of Risk Management Activities

This section is dedicated to identifying all dangerous manipulate sports activities concerned withinside the product lifecycle and the exceptional manipulation system, inclusive of easy links to danger manipulate documentation and templates used withinside the organization. 

 4.0 Criteria for Risk Acceptability

This section gives easy necessities for suitable danger for each product and deviations. For many businesses, this section of the Risk Management Plan will provide links to SOPs which prescribe exceptional necessities and suitable margins of deviation, if applicable.

Sample Criteria Language

The danger acceptability requirements for the danger manipulate deliverables for this product are considered to correspond to those contained in SOP-20. Alternative techniques, rankings, and acceptability requirements may be developed if required. SOP-20 describes the approval requirements for the deviations.

5.0 Verification Activities

Verification sports activities are the exceptional guarantee sports activities used to ensure danger management measures are implemented and product exceptional necessities are performed. The verification sports activities can be named in the location defined, with references or links to the supporting SOPs.

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Sample Verification Language and Inclusions

Design verification, validation, or assessment of sports activities for the will encompass, at a minimum:

  • Design Verification testing
  • Design Validation testing
  • Biocompatibility testing
  • Product Shelf Life testing
  • Shipping/packaging integrity

Note: Each of those gadgets is described in SOP-17. The Project Plan (DR####) lists particular verification, validation, and evaluation sports for the task. The finished files are indexed withinside the DHF Index for the merchandise.

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