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Window Tinting: The Best Way to Enhance Your Home’s Privacy and Energy Efficiency

Residential Window Tinting
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When you’re looking to enhance the privacy of your home, improve its energy efficiency, or both, window tinting is an excellent choice. With these two benefits combined, window tinting can protect your home while saving you money on utilities every month. Window tinting comes in many different varieties, so it’s important to choose the right kind of tinting for your windows. In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of window tinting in Santa Fe NM and help you figure out which type will suit your home best.

Why Tinted Windows are Better Than Curtains

Just because you may not have thought about it before, doesn’t mean that residential window tinting isn’t a great way to enhance your home’s privacy and energy efficiency. To best understand why tinted windows are superior, consider how they work by blocking out between 50-70% of harmful UV rays and as much as 98% of heat. In addition, residential window tint prevents fading from occurring on both fabrics that are within your home as well as those located outside (not all window treatments do so). Finally, it’s important to know that in many states, including Florida, residential window tint is required if your front door has glass or if there is glass above or beside every door.

What Type of Tint is Best for You?

There are many different types of window tint, so which type do you choose? Professional Window Tinting Services in Belen NM will recommend a film that maximizes privacy while ensuring your home’s interior is protected from solar heat. This kind of service is best for homeowners who want a more secure, less expensive alternative to traditional drapes. We can even use decorative films for a unique look that also adds privacy and prevents UV damage.

Types of Films

There are three main types of films available today, each with its own set of benefits and features. Each type has a different R rating as well, meaning they’re able to block a different amount of heat. For residential purposes, it’s best to go with either a 4- or 5-star film (around 50% or greater solar control). 3-star films are also available but should only be used if you have no other option (i.e., your windows require extremely high solar control). Here’s what you need to know about each type of film

How Much Will it Cost?

Professional window tint installation can cost between $10 and $40 per window. Prices vary based on how many windows you’re taping, your geographic location, as well as whom you hire to do it. For example, if you live in a highly populated city like New York City or Los Angeles, costs will be higher due to increased demand. Many professionals will also throw in discounts if they want repeat business or want you to use their products again in the future. Ask around! This isn’t a purchase you should rush into without doing some research. Look up reviews online and read what your neighbors have said about different companies’ services, then choose wisely!

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Window tint installation in Moriarty NM generally takes about one day for windows in a residential setting. For larger commercial or industrial properties, professional window tint installers will often take a couple of days. In other words, expect roadblocks! But that’s a small price to pay for an easy-to-clean surface with added protection from harmful UV rays. With these convenient features plus up to 30% energy savings (and even more if you live in Texas or California), it’s no wonder why so many homeowners choose professional window tinting services like ours!

Tips to Help You Choose Between Companies

Whenever you’re considering a large purchase, like window tinting for your home, it can be hard to know where to start. While there are plenty of local companies that offer a variety of window-tint services, you’ll probably want more than just price estimates and quick references before making your decision.

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