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Why You Need Emergency Pressure Washing Services

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If you are in need of emergency pressure washing services, you can turn to professionals in your local area. However, there are several things you need to consider before hiring a pressure washing service. First, make sure that the service you are hiring is licensed, bonded, and insured. It is also essential to check out whether or not the company is a member of professional organizations. The company should also be knowledgeable about the EPA’s guidelines and cleaning products used.

Prices For Pressure Washing

When it comes to pricing pressure washing services, two main strategies are used by small business owners. The first strategy is to charge an hourly rate based on the number of square feet. If the customer’s home is just a few square feet, this can be as low as $60 per hour. The other strategy is to charge a flat rate based on the number of square feet, which can range anywhere from two to six hours.

For commercial projects, prices can vary widely depending on the scope of the job and its size. Small projects may cost $100, while larger, more complex projects may cost up to six hundred dollars or more. A good rule of thumb is that the more complicated the project is, the higher the cost. Generally, it will take between 30 minutes to two hours to complete a job, but there are exceptions. Typically, contractors will charge by the square foot if they don’t have a specific minimum charge.

Safety Precautions To Take

Emergency pressure washing services should be used only after ensuring all necessary safety measures have been taken. If a power washer is accidentally started, the fuel should be vented outdoors and drained properly before use. Always wear goggles and other appropriate protective gear while operating a power washer. If you are power washing outdoors, make sure the weather is dry, as you should avoid wearing flip-flops while power washing. Lastly, if you are using a gas pressure washer, it should always be vented outdoors, as the exhaust gas can be harmful to humans. Never use the pressure washer in enclosed areas, as gas power washers can produce dangerous carbon monoxide.

Before using a power washer, make sure that all employees and contractors are aware of the importance of safety measures. Remember, power washing can damage the structure of buildings, so make sure that everyone understands and adheres to the safety rules. Never use a pressure washer to clean yourself. The stream can knock debris off, and it can become a projectile that can damage your eyes. You may even lose your fingertip contacts.

Environmental impact

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, also known as the Clean Water Act, was passed in 1972. The EPA took the lead in cleaning up factories that dumped their garbage into local rivers and storm drains, as well as barges that emptied city trash and toxic medical waste into the ocean. At that time, the largest cities in Colorado were Aurora, Denver, and Colorado Springs, among others. But now, EPA has mandated that emergency pressure washing services meet strict environmental standards and are now considered a “green” business.

The majority of pressure washing activities are conducted outdoors. The wastewater from pressure washing operations contains pollutants from the objects and cleaning compounds used. In addition, even biodegradable soaps have toxic effects on aquatic life, and even some cleaning compounds may cause adverse reactions with fish and other wildlife. Storm drains do not filter wastewater before releasing it into waterways. The pollutants in storm drain water can contaminate nearby recreational areas, drinking water, and other vital resources.


When a property needs cleaning, pressure washing is one of the best options. Not only does this service provide clean water, but the high pressure helps break up dirt and remove stains. It can also remove mineral deposits, bacteria, and stains. The use of a detergent can help remove tough grease, oil, and other stains. Detergents are also safe for both the customer and the environment. However, it’s always better to hire a professional who has experience with pressure washing to avoid getting ruined by chemicals.

Emergency pressure washing services require quick response and a lot of equipment. Usually, you’ll have to provide a lot of information to get the job done, but that’s where the estimate comes in. The best way to create a professional estimate is by using a software application designed for contractors. FieldPulse offers a free invoice template, an app that calculates price per square foot, and e-signatures. Plus, it syncs with Quickbooks so it’s easy to track all of your costs and service details.

Which surfaces are suitable for pressure washing

When you need help removing dirt, debris, and mold, you may call for emergency pressure washing services. Pressure washing services use high-pressure water sprays to clean porous surfaces. The pressure level is adjusted according to the type of surface and the pollutant. This method eliminates the need for elbow grease and can complete the job in a shorter time. This type of cleaning service is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

A pressure washer can successfully clean concrete surfaces. While concrete is the easiest surface to clean, it is prone to dirt, grime, and moss. After a power washing service, many people are amazed at how clean and fresh their concrete surfaces are. The professional service will make the surface look brand new. This type of service will leave your property sparkling and ready for business. The pressure washing process will also remove stains and other contaminants.

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