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Why root canal treatment is important?

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Endodontic, better known as root canal treatment, is the dental specialty that aims to repair and save a tooth to prevent its extraction through the removal of bacteria and dead nerve tissue that is in a state of decomposition. In most cases, the results are successful, allowing patients to keep their teeth. If you do not perform this Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata in time, it can cause the disease to continue until it leads to a greater infection.

What does it consist of?

This procedure is necessary when a tooth has deep caries that affects the dental pulp or due to dental trauma. Doctors may recommend opting for Dental Braces in Kolkata. To do this, several sessions are important. The dentist cleans the root canals of the tooth to leave it in optimal conditions. The nerve or pulp is removed, cleaning the tooth canals, eliminating the remains that can leave bacteria, and then sealing them with medication. The endodontic specialist will evaluate if the following symptoms are present to qualify for a root canal treatment –

  • Toothache with medium-severe intensity that decreases or intensifies during the day
  • Pain when biting with the affected tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot foods or liquids
  • Swollen gums around the affected tooth

There may be some possible post-treatment risks such as abscess, loss of the tooth or part of it, nerve damage or dental fracture.

It is painful

Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata is not painful thanks to dental and anesthetic advances, allowing zero pain or discomfort in the affected tooth. The only discomfort that could occur in certain cases is a slight sensitivity that can last up to a week that you can manage with analgesics without causing major complications.

A tooth that has had a correct endodontic procedure can last a long time, the important thing is to visit the dentist to continue with a check-up and completely rehabilitate the dental piece and thus finish with the definitive restoration, and this must be done within a period of no more 30 days after endodontic. Nor should oral hygiene be neglected and regularly visit the dentist to avoid the appearance of future cavities.

Is there an alternative?

Your entire tooth may be removed, but it is always best to try to save it since root canal treatment is a common procedure and has a high success rate (over 90%). Saving the tooth can prevent other problems from occurring in the future. These include bite problems due to changes in the position of the teeth, difficulty eating and loss of density and volume of the jaws.

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