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Why is Chemical Engineering a rewarding career option to choose?

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Chemical Engineering is a discipline of engineering dealing with the design of chemicals and the study of operations to improve the production of oil, gas, and other naturally occurring resources. The four-year B. Tech in chemical engineering equips the aspiring students with in-depth knowledge of oil, gas, and petrochemical to make them employable across multiple industries. Chemical engineers work at the forefront of technological and scientific advancement advancements.

Hence, this sub-branch of engineering proves to be a rewarding career option in the contemporary world. To know more about chemical engineering, keep reading this article.

Chemical Engineering: Programme Overview

Chemical engineering is a diverse field of engineering that deals with the development and engineering of chemicals/processes. The initial years of the course deal with core chemical engineering concepts, including computing, physics, and applied mathematics. During the later years, the students get the opportunity to advance their learning through working in laboratories, large scale, and industrial equipment. The students learn to transform raw materials into valuable products used in the day-to-day avenues of our lives.

A well-designed B.Tech course in Chemical engineering specializing in refining and petrochemical aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of petroleum refining technology, catalyst design, catalysis, etc., which prepares the students to work in the oil and gas industry. 

Additionally, pursuing a B.Tech in chemical engineering can cater to the learning of ethical, environmental, and financial issues that are a part of chemical engineering in the broader context. 

Career Progression of chemical engineering graduates

Chemical engineers can get employed across various businesses by small and large companies. The chemical engineering graduates are highly in-demand because they play a vital role in multiple industries, including microelectronics, biotechnology, dyes, polymers, advanced materials, etc. 

The graduates of chemical engineering successfully take on the following roles:

  • Process Engineer
  • Refining Engineer
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Research Engineer

Chemical engineering remains among the best career options providing the students with a rewarding and fulfilling carer. 

Here are the industries that offer employment to a chemical engineering graduate:

  • Specialty chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Fertilizers and Allied Sectors
  • Chemical industries
  • Refining and Petrochemicals
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Biotechnology sector
  • Cement Factories
  • Petroleum Refineries

Future scope of chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering has a bright future as it is becoming a highly profitable branch of engineering with immense scope for growth in India and abroad. The demand for skilled and qualified chemical engineers does not seem to fall in the near future. Hence, if you have inclinations towards maths and science, you can choose the path of chemical engineering for a rewarding career. 


Chemical engineering is considered one of the brightest career options to offer graduates substantial employment opportunities. Pursuing a B.Tech program in chemical engineering can equip you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are the latest in industry trends. Investing your valuable time and effort in a chemical engineering course can provide you with industry-vetted knowledge central to a rewarding career. 

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