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Why do We Need Stair Treading and Stair Nosing?

Stair Treading and Stair Nosing
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We are often wondering what is the purpose of the stair tread and nosing in staircase design?


That is what we are going to clarify in this article. We are going to look at what stair tread nosing are and what is the purpose they serve.

What are stair treads and nosing?

Stair tread is the protruding horizontal surface of a stair where the most frequent foot traffic occurs. It is horizontal in shape. It is made with different materials which include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and stair nosing. It is made by including these materials in commercial and industrial settings.

Stair tread and nosing are fitted with a non-slipping surface which helps in various things-


  • It helps increase the traction
  • Preventing any sort of injuries
  • Also preventing slips, trips, and falls which might lead to death


It is essential to consider the type of staircase while building or designing a staircase. We should also consider the type of stair treads nosing. Even if the staircase is part of a new construction or a remodel, the type of stair treads and nosing will always affect the look of the staircase. It also makes sure of safety while traveling up and down the staircase.

Benefits of Stair Treads and Nosing

It is a popular phrase that “what goes up must come down” and it is always riskier to come down the staircase. Trips and falls are minor even if they occur going up the stairs. While going downstairs, trips and slips can lead to more damage leading to injury and liability. This is where stair nosing and stair treads enter and provide you with certain benefits.


You can easily cover the steps with the help of non-slip stair treads. It provides safety and various materials are used for this purpose. It provides stability and grips as well while providing traction. It also reduces the risk of falling and slipping on a staircase.


If there is a process of building, designing and refurbishing new residential and commercial buildings. Stair treads and nosings are always the best options to provide safety on stairs.

Benefits of stair treads

  • Easy to replace – Even if the stairs are worn out and damaged they can easily be replaced with new keeps the surface protected. It also provides extra protection and strengthens the construction. It is easy to replace the renovation treads and it does not consist of rebuilding the stairs until they are well degraded. Installing treads and nosing will always be like an investment on the property.


  • Increases the life of the staircase – There is no doubt about the safety that stair treads provide. It also protects the stairs from day-to-day traffic. They decrease the number of scratches, stains, and scuffs on the surface. They provide the extra life of the stairs thus minimizing the maintenance costs.

Benefits of stair nosing

Anti-slip stair nosing acts as an extra safety on the building and it gets two-fold. It improves the step-edge visibility. Anti-slip grip color contrasts the substrate of the stair tread. This helps in clearly defining the step-edge.

  • Increases safety – Providing safety is the prime purpose of the stair nosing while increasing the surface area of reducing the risk of missing a step or losing the foot while going up or down.


  • Protects the stairs – It covers the materials and provides the extra space to place the feet thus protecting the staircase. This helps in reducing the maintenance requirement.


  • Easy repairs – Installing stair nosing provides the extra benefit by helping stairs from getting any type of damage. So instead of replacing the whole staircase, you can just change the nosing.

Safeguard your people from unexpected slip and skid by getting stair tread and nosing installed from Safety & Civil today.

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