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Why are Plastic curtains hygienic?

Plastic curtains
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Warehouse plastic curtains are bigger versions of industrial curtain walls. These curtains can be used for various applications and can be either insulated or uninsulated. PVC strip curtain also called door curtains or strip doors can help to stop pests or contaminants from entering your premises. They are also excellent at keeping out heat loss and cold loss in controlled temperatures. To prevent air-conditioned air from escaping, plastic curtains are used often at loading docks. This can help reduce utility costs and keep debris outside from getting in.

PVC curtain are the best barrier option. They are often used in food factories as doors, or incorporated into refrigerators to keep the chill in.

What is it about them that makes them so clean? We’ll look at the facts to see why this material is such an excellent choice.

Smooth Surface

Strip curtains are great for many reasons. First, if dirt does get on the curtains it is simple to clean them. To remove bacteria and dirt, all you need is warm soapy water in a large bucket. If you prefer, you can dry them with a towel. However, because they are so flat and smooth the water will drip off if left wet.

Another great thing about plastic strips is that dirt doesn’t build up in the first place. Your plastic strips will age and develop light scratches that can attract dirt. These can still be cleaned easily and the PVC is very durable so you won’t have to wait for them to get too dirty. If you’re concerned about scratches harbouring bacteria or damage to the curtains, you can choose to replace just one section at a time. This saves money as you don’t have to replace every curtain. This makes the Plastic curtains very cost-effective and easy to replace. They are also easy to maintain, no matter how long their lives may be.

Light yet heavy

Plastic curtains have the advantage of not being easily moved by small pests or insects. Plastic curtains are lightweight enough that they can be moved easily by people, even children. They are therefore in a perfect place to prevent bacteria and pests from entering a new area.

Anything that touches the curtains will be caught on the side it came from. So, for example, any doorway leading to the outside is protected by plastic strips. You will be protected at all times, even if there is a slight breeze.

Your Plastic curtains can keep out physical and visible pollution. They keep insects away from the other side and also prevent airflow. This allows for temperatures to be maintained on both sides, preventing heat loss in heated areas and reducing cooling costs on open refrigeration units.

They reduce noise and smell transfer from one place to the next. While this might not seem like a big problem in daily life, it can be a major issue in a factory setting. It is always a win for employees to have a less stressful environment and reduce the need for ear protection.

Although there are many uses for plastic curtains, their high hygiene rating is the most important. Your curtains can be used at extremely low temperatures with freezer-grade material. Ideal for retail and factory environments!


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