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Which is the Best Tiles Showroom in Erode?

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Finishing touches such as tiles, stone and countertops in your home can add a unique style. However, these projects may prove challenging to get just right.

For this task, it’s best to hire the services of a certified tiler, stone and countertop professional in Erode, Tamil Nadu. They possess extensive knowledge about which surfaces suit different areas of your house and can expertly install materials correctly.


Universal agency is an best tiles showroom in erode One of the key elements that makes a house truly stunning is the tile work. This includes countertops, bathroom tiles and wall and floor tiles used throughout the residence.

To guarantee this job is done correctly and to a high standard, hiring professional tiling specialists in Erode, Tamil Nadu is recommended. These experienced specialists possess the expertise to select the ideal tiles, stones, and countertops for each room.

They can assist you in installing tile surfaces properly. Their skills, knowledge and tools enable them to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, they possess the capacity to repair or replace damaged surfaces due to chipping, cracking or stains; plus they install murals and mosaics for additional decoration. All in all, these professionals make great choices for any tile project from simple installations to large-scale initiatives.


Beyond the standard selection, we also carry an exquisite collection of wood and marble finish bathroom tiles. Here, our designs are inspired by natural textures and aesthetics; as such, we take great pride in being Erode’s premier tile showroom!

Universal Ceramic’s impressive collection of high-end tile and stone samples cannot be beat. Here you’ll find everything from classic subway tile to modern marble and porcelain – you’re spoiled for choice! Additionally, we provide installation as well as cleaning and grouting services so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. So come on by today – you won’t regret it! Additionally, our showroom boasts the largest display of glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles in town, featuring various sizes and styles from large to small.


Universal Marble is well known as one of Erode’s premier tile showrooms, boasting an extensive selection of natural and engineered stone of all colors and varieties. While maintaining its tradition as a one-stop shop for everything stone, they also keep up with the times with their ever-evolving selection of new products.

UGM Surfaces’ range of engineered stone surfaces and products are among the most advanced in their category, featuring quartz, ceramic and porcelain surfaces that offer unbeatable ease-of-workability and lifetime warranties. Not only that but these surfaces look fantastic too – an easy way to take your building design to the next level of luxury with a kitchen featuring quartz countertop from UGM Surfaces that’s much more heat resistant than one with regular laminate slab.


At one of Erode’s finest tile showrooms, you’ll find all the newest designs and trends. Choose from our extensive collection of wood, marble and stone finish bathroom tiles to create your ideal aesthetic for your home.

We offer a wide selection of kitchen cabinets, both modern and classic. For something truly custom designed just for you, we can even design a cabinet to meet all your requirements and aesthetic.

Universal Stone is an eco-friendly cleaning and polishing agent that eliminates lime, hard water deposits, soap residue, grease and dirt from windows, mirrors, stainless steel and sterling silver. Not only that but it’s also ideal for windows, mirrors, stainless steel appliances and sterling silver coins!

This foaming cleanser foams up on a sponge and is safe for all surfaces. It is free from toxins and acids, fully biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

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