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Which is Better a Dedicated Cloud Hosting or Shared Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting or Shared Cloud Hosting?
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Cloud Hosting is no alien, like it used to be. No matter if you have just stepped into the business, cloud hosting will take you to a more reliable and secure environment for your workspace. Considering the big picture, there is an option to go for shared cloud hosting or dedicated cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can be used as per your demand. Ask yourself, what are your business goals? After that, go through the pros and cons of both. Choose the best one for you after going through the article. We also talk about QuickBooks cloud hosting on dedicated as well as shared hosting. What lies ahead is if you are ready to invest in cloud technology, if so, we have laid the road clear for you at 1.855.738.2784

If you have any queries between the two hosting types, you are free to give us a call at our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 where we aim to help you with every ounce of knowledge we have

Factors to weigh the Dedicated Cloud Hosting and Shared Cloud Hosting

Data Security and Privacy settings

It isn’t any mind-boggling problem to understand that Dedicated cloud hosting allows only you to make use of server resources. Dedicated Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks will ensure that the poorly managed application of some other organization will not affect your privacy. Dedicated/Private Servers have added a level of protection against the malware and spam that can intrude your working on the cloud. Apart from hampering the workspace, the actual danger lies with breaching the company data. Talking about QuickBooks cloud hosting on a private server, QB files are stored and managed on the server. To this server, no other organization has access, and you own the environment for QB.

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Accessibility and Control-ability for applications such as QuickBooks

In comparison to the shared cloud hosting, dedicated servers impart a full control, and you can solely manage it. If your applications such as QuickBooks get on dedicated Cloud Hosting, setting up roles and multiple user access can be managed as per the need. There are no limitations on the use of QuickBooks software. Not only does it help in running your practice in a more flexible, controlled, and responsive manner, but it also gives you complete peace of mind. Therefore, your decisions about your server will not be affected by other users in the environment.

Improved Performance

Every business has a peak time when the load not only increases on the employees but if the business is online, the server gets a heavy workload as well. It is crucial for you to ensure the performance of your applications remains on top. QuickBooks’ dedicated server works smoothly without interruption from the workload. The resources like processor, storage, users, and memory are dedicated to your process. With your complete control, efficiency improves, and in return, the performance increases.

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Cloud Hosting plans to let you decide the best for your QuickBooks

Cloud hosting is a step to better data handling and multiple benefits. But, with it comes the investment. If you have just stepped into the business, jot down how much are you willing to spend to get it on cloud. Plans for both dedicated as well as shared hosting are customizable. Giving you an overview, QuickBooks Hosting depending upon dedicated or shared cloud hosting, varies in the price plans. Dedicated hosting starts at $49/month, while the shared cloud hosting has a starter plan at $19/month. This fluctuates based on the number of users and add-on features you opt for.

Want to look at if Cloud hosting would be the one for you? Call 1.855.738.2784 and talk to QuickBooks cloud hosting support team. They will help you decide from private cloud vs. dedicated server. Further, you can customize it as per the business needs.

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