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Which diapers are best in Pakistan for newborn babies?

Which diapers are best in Pakistan for newborn babies
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A newborn babies will go through 700 diapers in its first three months of life, according to a fun parenting fact. Buying a diaper that will keep your baby dry and comfortable is critical, because you’ll be spending so much time at the changing table. 

It’s also crucial to think about the nuances of being a little newborn. When picking the perfect diaper for those first few months. Things like soft material that’s gentle on extra-sensitive young skin, breathability, absorbency. A diaper that won’t rub up against your baby’s healing umbilical cord area are all crucial considerations to consider.

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of our favorite newborn diapers in Pakistan. 

5 Best Diapers for Newborn Babies

Here is the list of 5 best diaper brands in Pakistan for newborn babies; 


TheBestDiapers‘ mission is to protect your infants and ensure that they grow up healthy. We want to meet the needs of both new and experienced moms. We make sure that the parents are happy and that your children are safe from the start.

 Our diapers are carefully designed to prevent rashes and leaks that cause discomfort in your child. The warmth and gentleness of TheBestDiapers touch keep babies safe and dry as they grow. 

Our diapers will keep your child comfy from birth until toddlerhood. Natural substances are added to our diapers to prevent rashes on your baby’s skin. 

Furthermore, our diapers’ moisture management technology reduces rashes and leaks. Choosing TheBestDiapers is a way of expressing your affection to your toddlers. 

It is at the heart of TheBestDiapers to keep your babies protected and make sure they grow up healthy. We aim to cater to all the needs of new mommies and the old ones. We ensure to keep the parents satisfied and your babies protected from the first moment. Our diapers are specially designed to keep your little ones rash-free and protect leakages that cause uneasiness. 

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers are a favorite with Babylist parents, and it’s easy to understand why, given all of the amazing features these disposable diapers offer. Swaddlers are soft, comfortable, and versatile.

 They offer a wetness indicator as well as a cut-out for the umbilical cord, so you won’t irritate that delicate area. They’re also highly absorbent, which means fewer blowouts and less laundering.

 They are the maximum-capacity diapers. Absorbent enough to last all night. The extra-absorbent zones aid your baby to stay dry all night. They are great for long trips and outings. Gives upto 12 hour overnight protection. 

The soft fasteners keep the diaper gently in place. The stretchy sides for comfort and flexibility. This quality helps eliminate night time leaks.

Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Crawlers and walking babies need durable absorbent diapers with a wonderful adjustable fit. Because when a baby starts moving or takes his first steps, they need something that is snug and hugged to their bodies so it won’t fall off. 

These stand out as the ideal choice for on-the-go babies because to the tight grip of the adjustable tabs. Many parents believe that this is the greatest option for their newborns because it prevents leaks overnight.

  Along with having so many qualities that are just the appropriate match for your baby’s needs. They are a value for price. Comfortable, adjustable, fit and affordable. 

Luv’s Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers 

If you are looking for a designer-style diaper with an eco-friendly style, then Luv’s pro level leak protection diapers are just the right pick for your newborn babies.

It is free of any harmful materials like parabens, natural rubbers or latex. This is to protect your newborn’s delicate skin from getting any rashes. 

The wetness indicator present on the diaper turns blue when the diaper reaches its maximum capacity. It is also budget-friendly.


Canbebe is a new diaper brand in Pakistan that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is a Pakistani brand owned by Ontex Pakistan Private Limited. Canbebe provides users with two types of diapers: Canbebe Premium Comfort diapers and Canbebe Dry-Comfort diapers.

 This diaper is designed to keep both the baby and the mother comfortable. Canbebe diapers are available both online and in your local grocery. The Canbebe diapers are made with baby’s sensitive skin in mind, and they can be used for up to two years without difficulty.

  Canbebe diapers have a pleasant scent and are made of a very soft cotton. Canbebe diapers come in a variety of sizes, from newborn to extra big. You can buy them at the price range from PKR 668 to PKR 1512 depending on the diapers ‘ quantity and size. They are the top diapers available in everyone‘s budget.

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