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What’s the IELTS Test Revaluation Success Rate?

What’s the IELTS Test Revaluation Success Rate?
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IELTS Test Revaluation Success Rate

IELTS is not an easy test. Sometimes, even if you study as hard as you can, you don’t get the desired IELTS score. If that’s the case (and you’ve planned the timing of your test well), you still have time to fix the problem. So, here the best overseas education consultants advise will help you in what’s the IELTS test revaluation success rate and how to apply for IELTS revaluation.

There are two things you can do. You can retake the exam or request that your scores be reassessed by submitting a request for results (PDF). If you are considering having your IELTS test reassessed, you may be wondering about the IELTS reassessment pass rate. In other words, how often do reassessment requests actually work?

IELTS Test Revaluation

Your answer decides your IELTS score, so be careful. However, an increase of one band or more is rare and almost never occurs in the Listen or Play sections. Chances of score improvement are slightly higher in the Written and Oral sections.

It is difficult to provide an exact pass rate of IELTS reassessment as these are done on a case-by-case basis. But keep in mind that the result inquiry process is very time consuming and involves IELTS reassessment fees.

The decision whether or not to request an IELTS reassessment is personal, and while this article provides information on the reassessment process, the final decision is yours!

IELTS Reassessment Pass Rate by Section

First of all, you’re IELTS score cannot decrease after the reassessment. Now let’s review your chances of getting a higher IELTS score by section.

IELTS Listening and Reading Reassessment Pass Rate

Your answers in the Listening and Reading sections usually consist of a single word or even a single letter. When evaluators look at your answers, there are very few questions as to whether they are correct or not. Even if you lost points on a ‘technical aspect’, such as poor IELTS handwriting on the paper-based exam, it’s rare for another assessor to change your score.

So if you are unhappy with your listening or reading scores, asking for a new IELTS score will rarely make a difference. And for score well join IELTS coaching in Jaipur, as here you will get to learn the best way to crack IELTS test.

Success Rate of IELTS Written and Speaking Reassessment

Your scores for the Writing and Speaking sections of IELTS are more difficult to grade. Different evaluators may disagree on whether your score is correct or not. However, all IELTS assessors go through extensive training, so it is rare for them to disagree on more than one point. For example, some might wonder if your score should be changed from 6.5 to 7, but rarely if it should be 7.5. Overall, however, the IELTS Writing reassessment pass rate and the IELTS Speaking reassessment pass rate are low.

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