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What to Expect During the First Driving Class?

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You have obtained your learner’s driving license, and you are ready to take your first driving lesson – great! It is a big milestone that you have achieved to become a safe and independent driver. You are probably excited about your first driving lesson, but you may be nervous at the same time as you don’t know what exactly the first lesson will be like.

Since learning to drive can be daunting, it is okay to feel a little nervous, especially when you are behind the wheel of a car for the first time in your life. However, you need not worry about anything, as your driving instructor will help you make you comfortable and learn the basics of driving.

However, before you choose a certified driving instructor for you, it is good to know what to expect during your first driving class. In this guide, we will discuss the same.

What to expect for your first driving lesson?

  • You will need to bring your learner’s driving license: In order to learn to drive, you will need to show your learner’s driving license to your instructor. So, make sure you bring it with you to every class.
  • You will start in the passenger seat: You might be expecting that your instructor will give control of the car and ask you to drive the car, but it is not true. Instead, your instructor will take you to a quiet road or a parking lot and give you an overview of the car controls and gear.
  • The instructor will try to make you comfortable: You can’t learn to drive until you are comfortable in the driver’s seat. While your instructor is trained to put you at ease, you should take a deep breath and stay calm. You will soon find yourself enjoying the drive.
  • You will look in the mirror: Since mirrors play a vital role in driving, you will learn the importance of mirrors in driving during your first driving class. Your licensed driving instructor will tell you how to adjust the mirror correctly.
  • You will drive: Once your instructor has told you about the car controls, gears, mirrors, etc., your instructor will help you learn the important driving techniques. You will get to try out a few basic maneuvers. However, you won’t drive a lot – you will only cover 5-6 miles during your first class.
  • You might switch seats several times: Driving can’t be learned just by listening, but you need to observe your instructor and take action as per the instructions. So, it may require you to switch your seat several times with your instructor. The key to learning to drive is listening and observing your instructor carefully. If you don’t understand anything, make sure you ask your instructor and clear your doubts.

The bottom line

While these are the things you can expect from your first driving class, the key to being a perfect driver is to stay confident. Even if you make mistakes during your driving classes, don’t feel discouraged and demotivated. Everything will be alright, and you will soon be a good driver.

So, now that you know what you will experience during your first driving class, what are you waiting for? Find a reliable driving school near you and join it. If you are looking for a recommendation for the best DMV certified driving instructor in Danville, you can rely on East Bay Driving School. For more information, explore our official website.

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