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What is NoSQL? What are the advantages of NoSQL?

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NoSQL is designed with a range of features for data handling. It is known  as a non-relational database as it doesn’t apply regular or traditional SQL statements for data query.

If you are looking for database courses or want to learn more, read this article as we discuss every aspect of it. 

What is NoSQL? 

NoSQL is an approach to design databases that can hold a diverse set of data : multimedia, document, graphs, columns, external files, and more. 

NoSQL first came around the 1960s but with the transition of the modern world into such a vast digital space, led to the rise in its popularity. Developers today need the tools to handle the humongous volume of data that generates from the mobile, cloud, social media, or big data etc. NoSQL does not follow the rules of RDBMS or Relational Database Management Systems. NoSQL databases are designed for handling specific models. It has flexible schemas for building applications. 

Some well-known examples of NoSQL are Neo4J, MongoDB etc. 

What is a SQL database? How is it different from NoSQL databases?

Let us now learn what SQL databases are and how they are different from NoSQL databases. SQL or structured query language access relational databases. SQL is used in situations when developers are interacting with relational databases where data is stored in the table format, with fixed rows and columns. SQL databases were widely used in the initial years of the 1970s, at a time when storage was very expensive and most software engineers normalised their databases for reducing chances of data duplication. 

Due to the limitations of traditional relational database technology, NoSQL databases were developed. When compared, these databases are more scalable and superior to the relational counterparts. While relational models may take long to bring in development, NoSQL databases are very flexible and expedite developments, functioning optimally in a cloud environment. 

Every NoSQL database has its own set of strengths and features, but most of them share some fundamental characteristics like—  

  • Capable of handling large amounts of data in a fast pace 

SQL databases are usually implemented in a scale up architecture and larger computers with bigger CPUs were used to elevate the performance. NoSQL databases were created in the internet era in the cloud to expand on storage more easily. Such scale-out architecture works even better with such databases as it is painless to implement it in cloud computing spaces. New computers can be now added to a cluster in a moment. This proves great when the traffic in data or data volume grows; while performing the same with SQL databases would be costly, needing critical engineering as well. 

  • Stores data that is unstructured, semi-structured, or structured

Relational databases are known to store data in a predefined schema, in tables. To use these databases, a data model is crucial. Post that, the data is transformed and loaded to the database. As such, when data is used for applications, it needs to be retrieved with the help of SQL, to adapt to the application type. When the data is written back, it has to be transformed again. This process can be long and hectic. With NoSQL databases, data can now be stored with less limitations from the application. When the data is stored or retrieved, even fewer transformations are needed. Using NoSQL – all types of data- structured, semi-structured, or unstructured can be stored or retrieved much easily. The schemas of most NoSQL databases are popular and flexible which keeps them under the control of the developers, making it easier to adapt to new types of data. 

There are more advantages that make NoSQL a more popular choice. Enrol on a program today to learn more. 





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