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What is Body Ache and How can you Treat it

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Body ache can be caused by many factors, or it can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Regardless of the causes of body aches, it is still uncomfortable. While treating body aches is simple, most medications are a quick fix and don’t address the problem.

Body pain is caused by inflammation and soreness of the muscle. Body ache can be of varying intensity – It can be short and intermittent or present for a prolonged period. Usually, a few days of rest and good hydration will relieve body pain.

Most times, body aches are harmless and might result from stress, illness, or lifestyle. They can even result from underlying conditions that might have been neglected. Many things could lead to a body ache. Performing some activities, for example, exercising after a long period, can cause strain and stress to the muscle.

Also, Muscle strain or stress could result from cold or flu. The reason is that your body triggers the immune system to fight off the infection, which leads to short-term muscle inflammation, and eventually a body ache. People often identify and treat body aches without the help of a doctor.

Although an over-the-counter drug can be used to treat soreness, CBD-infused pain relief spray for body aches is also an option. It is easy to get the best CBD-infused Pain Relief Spray, especially in states where CBD is legalized. But depending on the intensity of the pain, it is good to seek the advice of a medical expert or physician.

Symptoms of Body Ache

Usually, body aches present themselves with other symptoms and are often indications of an underlying problem. However, there are still other symptoms in addition to body soreness, and some of them include:


When the body temperature is above 1000 F, the body becomes weak and sore. Someone experiencing fever is likely to experience soreness along with it since the immune system will be triggered.


This symptom is usually present along with muscle soreness. It is a feeling of tiredness and overall lack of energy. Most people usually associate fatigue with drowsiness or sleepiness, but it is not the same. Fatigue is when there is a lack of energy and motivation in addition to the two earlier factors.


Headache is another symptom that is experienced alongside body soreness.


Chills are also a co-symptoms of body soreness. Abnormal chills running through the body might be a symptom of an underlying condition or could also be pointing to muscle soreness.

Sore Throat

Sore throat, runny nose, and nasal congestion usually go together. These symptoms are usually experienced simultaneously with body pain. Sometimes they can result from flu or some other illness.

What Causes Body Aches?

While body aches might be sharp, intense, or prolonged, they occur for many reasons, which are harmless and easily treatable. Many people often self-treat body aches without any side effects. But sometimes, body aches might be indicative of a severe medical condition.

Below are some common causes of Body ache


If the rate at which you lose fluids is higher than the rate at which you take them in, it can trigger muscle tension or fatigue, leading to muscle soreness.


Stress is the most implicated culprit when it comes to body aches. Prolonged stress can lead to muscle inflammation, tension, and pain.

Lack of sleep

The body performs many activities during sleep, including body repair. If the repair cycle is disrupted due to lack of sleep, it can lead to muscle pain.

How to Relieve Body Ache

Body aches can be relieved in many ways or self-treated. Usually, adequate rest and over-the-counter pain relievers can solve this problem. Drawing a warm bath or using heat pads can help relieve aching muscles and joints. Another option is to use the CBD-infused pain relief spray for body aches. This option is easier and more affordable. Simply spray the affected area and massage it into the skin; you will feel relief in no time.


Body aches can result from many things; however, it is not a pleasant experience. Body ache can be treated in many ways, with the CBD-infused pain relief spray being one of them. If pain persists for an extended period even after the use of a pain reliever, you should check with your physician.

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