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What are the Negative Attributes of a Divorce Lawyer?

What are the Negative Attributes of a Divorce Lawyer?
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While exchanging rings and repeating the vows, a little did you think that the marriage of your dreams will turn into a nightmare years later? The marriage that you thought to be the best thing in your life will end up being a suffocating knot around your neck. Back in the day, people had few options to get out of a marriage due to various reasons and the law. But the laws have upgraded and getting a divorce nowadays is easier than ever. You just need to have a good divorce lawyer like Andover divorce lawyer by your side and you are good to go. But with so many options in the legal industry, it has become tiresome to choose. The lawyers are good at what they do but there are certain disclaimers that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a good lawyer. 


Cold Behavior

Going through a divorce case can be mentally tiring. You need compassion and understanding people by your side while dealing with a broken marriage. If your divorce lawyer is lacking compassion and good behavior then stay away. If you are not attentive towards yourself or they are keener on speaking than listening, consider it a red flag. 


High charges

While this is very subjective, which lawyer will charge what? Each lawyer follows different billing strategies. Some might charge you hourly, some might not charge you anything unless you win or some might take a share of the compensation that you will receive. But the thing that will indicate that a lawyer is not the right one is if after a telephonic conversation with the lawyer you are charged with a huge bill. You will find many lawyers who will give you your first free consultation. So be careful.


Hiding tendency

It is your case and you have the right to know everything about it, good or bad. If your lawyer is not providing you with all the details of the case, take a step back and drop the lawyer. These kinds of behavior are very suspicious and not a positive attribute. 


Lack of punctuality

You are paying for their services, so they need to give you the time you deserve. If your lawyer is not abiding by the schedule, missing deadlines, or brushing you sideways to entertain the next client, you ought to see the big red flag. 


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