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What are the different types of automotive locksmith?

Automotive Locksmith Services
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Any car owner that has locked their keys in the car knows how inconvenient it can be, especially when you are somewhere far from home or work and have no choice but to wait around until someone with spare keys can be there. To avoid having this happen, it’s best to find a good automotive locksmith that can come out as soon as possible to unlock your vehicle and get you back on the road in no time at all! If you need help finding such a service, check out our guide below to learn more about some of the different types of automotive locksmiths in Camden NJ that are available today!

Mechanical vs. Electronic

A professional automotive locksmith can replace and repair a broken door handle, reset your alarm or install a complete system for your car. Electronic systems have come a long way in recent years and offer a lot of features to ensure you keep your car secure. Many cars now come standard with keyless entry, which means that you don’t need to take out a key—just start up your engine, push a button and unlock your door. Some new vehicles also allow owners to start their car remotely with an app on their phone. This has made it possible for someone who doesn’t even own or have access to a vehicle (i.e., thieves) to steal cars!

Car key cutting

Professional locksmiths in Northeast Philadelphia PA can also cut a new key for your car, in case you misplace or lose one. Because many keys contain security codes and transponder chips, getting a new copy made is usually difficult at best—but if you know exactly what model your car is, a professional locksmith can almost always help. The caveat: having extra keys made may be prohibitively expensive if you’re on a budget. If so, it might be better to have a single key professionally copied (which will work just as well) and then let others borrow that spare key when they need to drive your car.

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Car remotes and transponder keys

You may not know it, but auto keys have changed a lot over time. Today’s cars have transponder chips in their key fobs that unlock and start your car electronically. A locksmith can reprogram your car remote or even duplicate a replacement key from a transponder code—and generally charge between $50 and $150 for that service, depending on where you live. But if you don’t want to spend money on a new keyless entry fob, you can always pick up an extra blank or clone one using one of several online tutorials. They won’t match your existing remote perfectly, but they do work—at least long enough to get home when you lock yourself out of your car.

Unlocking Vehicles

Like all professional automotive Locksmith, Car Locksmiths can be broken down into four general categories: Those who open vehicles, those who work with high-security locks and those who repair or service vehicles. Automotive Locksmiths fall into two major groups: those that help steal cars and those that help prevent cars from being stolen. The former operates in several ways—by driving a decoy car with alarm disabled to lure would-be thieves; by offering to disable alarms for a fee; by tailing potential victims at shopping malls, etc. These professionals are often capable of unlocking any vehicle made (by hotwiring, by installing a transponder bypass or by using special tools), but it is generally easier to deal with mechanical systems than electronic ones.

Car Key Duplication

There is nothing worse than locking yourself out of your car. Usually, all it takes is a lost key or remote to make a terrible situation happen. In those cases, you’ll need to have an auto locksmith re-create your original key so that you can drive off happily into a new car loan payment. The car lockout services in Moorestown PA will often be able to make additional keys for other drivers who also have access to your vehicle.

Programming Transponder Keys

Automotive locksmith who specialize in programming transponder keys for vehicles can typically be found at dealerships or larger auto repair shops. These services usually come at a cost, though some dealerships may offer free programming if you’re replacing your car’s battery. Transponder key programming is also fairly simple: most vehicles with electronic ignition and driver’s side door entry are programmed similarly, so as long as you know what type of vehicle you drive and have access to its anti-theft number, your job should be a simple one.

New Ignition Cylinders

If you’ve lost your keys or simply want to upgrade, a new ignition cylinder could be what you need. Typically, these come pre-programmed with your make and model, meaning that all you need to do is fit it into place. These cylinders will only open using keys designed for them; they can’t be removed without a key. Replacing an old one is just as simple – all you have to do is fit it in place, then insert your ignition key. You’ll hear a click when everything lines up correctly, at which point your car should start as normal.

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