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What Are The Benefits And Applications Of Wire EDMs?

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A metal shape is formed using electrical sparks in the electrical discharge machining method (EDM). EDM is sometimes known as “spark machining” because of the sparks it produces. As a result of sparking between two electrodes and the formation of cuts in the metal, this method is used to cut a desired shape from the metal and remove it from a sheet of metal.

Wire EDM machining services in MI are the most popular type of EDM, but there are a few other, less popular types as well. In wire EDM, the tool electrode is a wire. Between two spools, the active part of the wire is always switching. This keeps the material from wearing away the wire and keeps it in one piece.

An Overview Of The Wire EDM Machining Services In MI

Wires are fed through a metal component that has been submerged in dielectric fluid during the EDM process. An electric current is used to create the sparks that will eventually help shape the component.

Increased electric field intensity results in a stronger dielectric fluid when the distance between electrodes is reduced. Under these circumstances, the current flows more easily between the two electrodes, causing the component to be separated from the metal sheet with each spark.

Flushing is a method of employing a dielectric liquid to help remove any residual material or waste from the finished product. Manufacturers occasionally perform it after the currents have passed through and the required shape has been established.

Using A Wire EDM Has The Following Five Advantages:

For Complex Parts To Be Created

For elaborate or intricate patterns and shapes, the utilization of accurate electrical discharges is necessary. Even on the most difficult and delicate materials, wire EDM machines can create various shapes, including curves and holes.

It Doesn’t Require The Use Of A Motor

Wire EDM uses thermal discharges to cut through materials, unlike a large diversity of production methods that employ impact to cut through materials. This is why there will be no deformation, distortion, or other adverse effects resulting from the physical force of removing materials.


Wire EDM cutting can generate better dies and molds at a reduced cost. A single process can be performed using wire EDM machining on any electrically conductive material, regardless of its hardness or fragility. There is also less waste because of this. Wire EDM can easily cut through even tough materials, so there is no need for heat treatment or cleaning up after machining. These savings can be passed on to you by the machining provider for even more cost-effective machining.

Precision And Accuracy

With Wire EDM, you don’t have to worry about additional operations like grinding or honing in order to finish your product. Even the tiniest bits can be accurately and precisely measured using this technology.

The Ability To Tolerate A Lot

Tolerance is another benefit of Wire EDM, regardless of the material you’re working with. Some machines with tolerances as little as a few microns allow you to attain a +/- 0.0005″ tolerance easily.

A Typical Use For Wire EDM Machining Services In MI

Wire EDM is frequently used because it is great for making small, delicate things. It’s most commonly used in:

  1. Extrusion dies and blanking punches
  2. Components for the automobiles and the aircrafts
  3. Medical gadgets that can be implanted
  4. Making of prototypes
  5. Drilling small holes on soft and hard materials


When it comes to Wire EDM machining services in MI, our toolmakers and application engineers at IQ Manufacturing can help. For additional information on incorporating Wire EDM into your store, please give us a call today.

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