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What Are Some Prominent Challenges That UAE Students Face?

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Meta: There are certain challenges that students based in the UAE face very frequently while studying. The strategies provided will help lessen such issues. 

In the country, education has traditionally been regarded as an important criterion for discussing the state’s progress. The education system in the UAE has a distinct history that includes periods of informal and formal education. Traditional education in the UAE differed significantly from the current pattern in terms of formalism and systematization many years ago. As a result, significant changes in the country’s educational tradition occurred, resulting in a number of issues. Based on its relatively short history of formal development, education in the UAE today is associated with a number of challenges that must be discussed in depth in order to focus on improvements. As a result, the following research questions are addressed in the paper: What are the educational difficulties in the UAE? The most significant challenges are education quality, low levels of reading skills in English, online assignment help experts’ expertise, teacher high turnover, and pupil fatality rate. 

Difficulties in the UAE’s Education Department 

Despite the fact that the UAE’s population has high literacy rates and enrollment in primary and secondary schools has increased, there are several challenges in the UAE’s educational sphere that must be examined in depth with the application of statistical data. 

Education Excellence 

Education has always been discussed as a priority in the UAE’s social development, but the issue of educational quality remains a challenge. According to online assignment help experts, the scores of UAE students in mathematics and science are typically below average. The UAE students were ranked 41st in science and mathematics in 2009. In 2012, UAE students also performed below average, ranking 48th in mathematics and 46th in science out of a total of 65 countries. 

Improvement of English Language Skills 

The English language literacy of the UAE population is assessed in a relatively short period of time, but the development of English skills is discussed as an important factor in increasing the overall literacy of students in the UAE due to the state’s orientation toward the active use of English in educational, social, and economic spheres. According to an online assignment help expert, the results of UAE students in English reading tend to be lower when compared to the results of other Developed nations. 

Competency Issues with Teachers 

Another significant issue in the UAE’s educational system is the quality of instruction. Despite the fact that the UAE is one of the most prosperous countries in terms of socio-economic growth, the state’s educators’ skill is an issue because many teachers prefer to use traditional educational practices and out-of-date pedagogical skills, and dismiss the use of technology in teaching and learning settings leading to a shortage of desktop and other handset skills. 

This history continues today, posing the challenge of establishing adequate standards for evaluating the qualifications of instructors who have earned their education in other nations. Nationals and expats alike must obtain the certificate to be certified for the job at school, but online assignments help experts point out the minimum requirements for receiving such a certificate. 

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Turnover of Teachers 

The turnover rate of teachers is a concern connected with the quality of teaching and learning. As a result, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1, the UAE has one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios among wealthy countries. The causes of the problem are centered on expatriates as educational workers. Thus, in different schools in the UAE, the turnover rate might exceed 60%, and it is linked to the turnover of expatriates. 

Dropout Rates among Students 

Male secondary school pupils in the United Arab Emirates have a high dropout rate. According to Swan statistics from 2011, over 15% of boys in the UAE choose to drop out of secondary school, accounting for about a quarter of the male population aged 20-24. As a result, male university enrollment is quite low. Because dropouts frequently indicate a low level of English skills, this problem is intimately linked to the problem of literacy in the Arab and English languages. The problem is common in both primary and secondary schools, according to data from 2001 to 2011. 

Despite the fact that the UAE’s educational system faces a number of challenges in terms of teaching quality, professional competence, turnover rates, and student dropout rates, the real causes of the issues are ineffective Ministry of Education programs and policies designed to standardize and monitor quality education. As a result, there is still no proper accrediting system for educational institutions in place, as well as online assignments help professional certification systems, verify that all educational institutions follow modern curricula, adopt innovative tactics, and include innovation into the teaching process. 

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