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What are color options with custom shutters in Pacific Palisades?

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One of the best ways to freshen your home curb appeal is to update your window shutter with fresh colors. Usually, the homeowners end up with white and black color for their window shutters, knowing these both colors can go well with any home exterior, which is true without a doubt. But when you have decided to give a boost to your home curb appeal to a great extent, then considering other color alternatives is the best way out for the custom design window shutters in Pacific Palisades.

Here are the color options for your new shutters;

  • Navy– It is a deeply saturated color and stands out against the home exterior with a light gray color. This color works best with lighter shade exteriors. The white and gray exterior will better contrast with the navy blue color.
  • Gray shutter– Modern yet classic, gray shutters give a distinctly fresh feel without looking too trendy. The gray and dark gray shutter plays nicely with different colors from light neutrals, including cream, white, blue, dark gray, stone, bricks, stucco, jewel tones, taupe, etc.
  • Green shutters- Green shutters are quite popular nowadays. However, many homeowners are still in dilemma whether a green color shutter will go well with their home exterior or they should stick with the traditional shutters colors like white and black. The custom design window shutters in Pacific Palisades with dark green colors like hunter green or charleston have been a great option since colonial times. The dark green shutters look excellent on bricks and perfectly complement the stone walls. The lighter color shutters are quite popular, especially in earthy-tone homes.
  • Red shutters- Red shutters offer a bold, vibrant, and a classic look. They are very popular among the folks. The bright red works great on tan, gray, white, brick, stucco, tan stone, pale yellow, and cream color. On the other hand, the dark red shutters work great with all the colors mentioned above, along with olive, brown, and navy.
  • Earth-tone shutter- Offering you a clean and tidy appearance, the earth-tone shutter shutters are very versatile. They will make your home exterior look stand out from the rest of the homes of your neighbors. Darker tones shutters are a great alternative to black and gray shutters. Earth-tone shutters look amazing with rusty reddish-orange, deep green, and olive colors.

Ready to update your shutter?

The above shutter colors will give your home exterior a distinct appearance and dramatically increase your home appeal. Choosing the right shutter color considering your home’s exterior color tone is a big concern for many homeowners. For this reason, we suggest you get in touch with window treatments at window treatment companies that offer a range of window treatment services, including window drapery treatments and window shutters in Malibu.


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