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Water Soluble Cannabinoid Products – are they the best?

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The concept of pharmacotherapeutics has made its way to the natural medicine where many people are relying on natural products as a potential substitute for pharmaceutical products. And with the increasing advancements in natural medicine, there are certain concepts that have been applied in the products that we use and these concepts affect how these products interact with our body. in this article, we will explore the world of water soluble cannabinoid products. these products have been formulated in such a way that they can dissolve easily in water.

Such modifications often have implications in terms of route of administration, half-life, onset of action, duration of action and even how these products are eliminated from the body. read on.

Advantages of water soluble products

One of the major advantages of water soluble products is that the products can be taken orally either as tea, as tincture, as edibles, as oils, or as infusions. This provides an array of ways through which the CBD can get into the body. The many choices confer convenience to users such that those users who do not prefer one method of consumption may opt for another method that is equally convenient for them.

Another advantage of water soluble products is that you need a highly water soluble product for absorption to take place at the gastrointestinal tract. Fat soluble products are not readily absorbed. Thus, products that are meant to be taken orally should be significantly water soluble.

Disadvantages of water soluble products

Solubility is an important parameter to consider when preparing therapeutically active products. although water soluble CBD and water soluble CBG have their advantages, there are also associated disadvantages. One of the disadvantage is that you require a relatively higher concentration of water soluble CBD or CBG to achieve a desired effect. The water soluble products undergo several processes that eventually lowers their efficacy hence the need for dose adjustments. The majority of these products are administered orally. As a result, you need to increase the dosages until a desired concentration of the product in the blood stream has been achieved.

This effect is compounded by the fact that not everyone responds the same way to the same amount of cannabinoids. Therefore, patients with a higher threshold for cannabinoids will require higher dosages to achieve an effect. When water soluble CBD is factored in, the patient may end up a lot more of the CBD or CBG than is typically normal. For this reason, adequate monitoring and reassessment of oneself after utilizing CBD and CBG is necessary to evaluate the response and to watch out for side effects.

Should you buy water soluble CBD?

Yes. You can buy water soluble CBD and water soluble CBG because of their many advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages. With an appropriate dosing, water soluble CBD has a high bioavailability because of increased absorption. A high bioavailability means that less of the product goes to waste and so you will enjoy the full benefits of your purchases.

Water soluble CBD and CBG also mixes well with beverages as well as products for personal care. Therefore, you can use your water soluble CBD as a tincture, in tea, as an infusion into topical and edible products or as an edible oil. Topical products with water soluble CBD also have a relatively decent absorption rate and high bioavailability.

Besides, water soluble cannabinoids work faster than other cannabinoids. High solubility and a high bioavailability allow for rapid distribution to target sites in the tissues which makes these products to have a relatively faster onset of action.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to water soluble cannabinoids. You can either go with water soluble CBD or water soluble CBG or both. You can try out both of them, especially when you are starting out as a cannabis user so that you can determine the product that elicits a better response for you. The vendors can always help you choose a better product. besides, there is the option of doing an extensive research online through reading bogs, following discussions in forums, and analyzing product descriptions. This will go a long way in ensuring that you choose the right product.

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