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Washing lederhosen – Yay or Nay?

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Each year in October, Germany’s various regions hold celebrations of Leiderhosen Day. Now, this is not so much a national holiday as a celebration of the German lifestyle and its history but it is an important one all the same. Over the years, this celebration has become known as the “Lederhosen Day” or “Oktoberfest” across Germany. 

Prompting men to don their best Lederhosen and take part in the numerous parades taking place throughout the country to celebrate. It has become an important day for German men, showcasing their love for their Oktoberfest costume, it can also be a stressful time for owners of these garments trying to keep them clean!

Cleaning leather can be tricky and maintaining the look of your Lederhosen is important to you and your family! That’s why we are here to help. This article will teach you how to keep your Lederhosen looking like new for years to come.

Before moving to cleaning, let us first discuss various factors why cleaning of lederhosen is essential. 

Reasons why cleaning lederhosen is required

Following are the reasons why cleaning of lederhosen is recommended. There could be multiple reasons but some of them are as follows:

  • Lederhosen has been sitting in the cupboard for the last eleven months, so it must be wrinkled.
  • The lederhosen is covered in stains from last year’s beer and food.
  • Check if there are any rips or tears in the leather.
  •  A layer of dirt has been deposited on your lederhosen.

Though you may love your lederhosen, these above are good reasons to worry about the leather. When you take them out of storage and shake them down for Oktoberfest, you realize that they don’t just look used, vintage, or distressed; they look dirty.

Small signs of wear are expected and considered part of the appeal, but large stains that looked like badges of honor in the morning twilight last autumn now stick out like a sore thumb.

Sadly, beyond the appearance of lederhosen, there is a deeper problem that is not widely known. Leather which has been dirtied by too thick a coating of grime can no longer breathe.  Leather garments get hotter and stiffer when they’re not allowed to breathe. As a result, the wearer starts to feel hot and will likely sweat more.

No matter what kind of dirt you’ve got on your lederhosen – whether it’s a little too thick or just some bad stains – we can help you clean them. But don’t get your traditional lederhosen outfit wet right away, because they need to be wiped off using a piece of cloth. 

Don’t worry about getting your leather wet. It will dry just fine without being damaged by the water itself. The damage comes from drying it too quickly and using detergents that can strip the leather’s oils.

Ways to wash lederhosen 

So if you need to spruce up your favorite beer-breeches before this year’s Fest, here are some tips.

  • It’s much easier to wash lederhosen in a bowl of water than it is to scrub them on a washing machine.
  • Use a specialized, organic soap (like this leather wash concentrate) to clean your lederhosen and protect its leather. 
  • Please don’t clean the lederhosen in hot water; just use lukewarm water.
  • Once you have cleaned your lederhosen, it is important to dry them at room temperature slowly. Simply hang them up and turn them occasionally as they dry to keep their shape.
  • Once the leather is dry, knead it lightly and then brush it to restore its luster. 

Considering color and material during cleaning lederhosen 

Not all lederhosen are made from the same kind of leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest, most durable type of leather available; genuine leather is not as strong or durable as full-grain leather, but it does have a certain softness and flexibility that many find appealing. And suede leather, which is made from split leather fibers, is a bit like the middle child: not as strong or durable as full-grain, but softer and more flexible than full-grain. 

To clean authentic lederhosen made with smooth leather, you can use a damp cloth. Stains can be left to dry or brushed out.  Dark-colored leather lederhosen are easier to clean than those with a lighter hue, because they can be cleaned with a piece of cloth dipped in water. 

If you are worried that cleaning may damage the charm and beauty of your lederhosen then you can keep the old one and buy another. 

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