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How To View Instagram Profile Pictures in Full HD

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Instagram is a place to share you happy and sad moments. You sweet and not-sweet memories all have a palace at Instagram, however, you should be absolutely sure about sharing your content with the right people. Whenever you receive is a follow request make sure to check t profile photo of the person before accepting the request because it might land you in trouble

Now, viewing profile photo on Instagram is tough because the app doesn’t allow you to zoom in on images so an easy way to watch the full-size is to use Instazoom by following this easy-to-use guide:

Step 1: Download a third party app preferably Instazoom

As mentioned above, Instagram doesnot allow you to download or view full-size pictures of any user so to bypass this restriction you need to rely on third party websites such as InstaZoom.

Instagram features a really small circle shaped icon that has a profile photo in it. The icon is so tiny that you can barely see the image with a naked eye which also makes it difficult to accept the follow requests from people that you either know from school or childhood days.

Step 2: Copy the username

After launching the app on your smartphone, go to your Instagram app and search for the profile whose picture you want to view. Now that you have reached the profile, copy the profile URL that will be later used in the app that you have installed for viewing the full-size profile photo.

Step 3: Use the app to get your desired results

After copying the link, open Instazoom or any other app that you have downloaded to paste the link of the video in the search bar. Select your desired profile from the drop-down menu and hit enter. You can also enter the username of the profile to get the results. It’s done! Check your HD quality results in few minutes.

Step 4: Choose the resolution you want

The image you will first get will be of lower quality however you can increase the quality of the image by selecting multiple modes that the app offers. For example, you can sue HD or Ultra HD mode in the pictures, the app will convert your results in high quality images so you can watch the detailing in the picture very clearly.

Step 5: Download the final result

Once the final result appears in full size, you will see an small icon indicating the download button on the screen, the icon is usually a downward arrow. Call on the arrow and select the resolution that you want. The image will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone’s gallery in HD quality.

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  1. What can Instazoom do?

  • Identity loved ones in photographs: Instagram provides profile pictures in low quality that makes it challenging for the user to recognize the newly followed user request. With Instazoom you can zoom in and see the profile photo at a bigger size and more keen quality, making it simpler to let know if the person in it is somebody you know or not.
  • Investigate the unknown accounts: Have you ever received messages from unknown profiles on Instagram? Whether the aim is positive or negative, you ought to think about it prior to replying. Instazoom will ELT you investigate the unknown accounts.
  • Download profile picture for offline viewing: You can download the profile photos on Instagram with high resolution that can be views later in the offline mode. You can even set it as a wallpaper on your phone or computer.
  1. Is Instazoom legal?

The profile photos on Instagram are open to public which means that you can use Instazoom. Without landing in any trouble.

  1. Do I need to download and install any software?

No, you don’t babe to. You can use Instazoom directly from the app or from its website to enlarge the profile photos.

  1. Is Instazoom paid or free?

The developers are currently providing this tool for free and it will remain like this till further notice.


Instazoom will help you to zoom in or zoom out of the profile photos that can later be downloaded in high quality for offline viewing.

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