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Uttari Betta Sunrise Trek

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Bangalore is surrounded by several lovely hills and hillocks ready to be explored. If you are trying to tick them one by one, then undoubtedly you must include this on your bucket list. The fortified hill known as Hutridurga, located in the southeast of Kunigal taluk, is Karnataka’s most popular walking trail, and for good reason. because of the wonderful beauty, it boasts. This prominent hiking path of Karnataka is a five-kilometre ascent that delights hikers with beautiful vistas that impress into their thoughts for the rest of their life.

Not only is this walk a magnificent master of gorgeous vistas, but it also excites you with the antique fort walls, and complex stone stairs. An intriguing fact is that this hill fort is claimed to have eight doorways from the foot to the peak in addition to the other six exterior gates. What waits on the top? The hike peak provides the temple of Sankareswari where one receives an extended glimpse of the area scattered by a huge number of hills.

 Leads you right into the centre of nature with the assistance of caverns, forests and big stones that will make you wonder at the magnificence of life. It makes sure that the hikers feel at one with the numerous fauna and nature that its trail has to offer. So if you want to totally belong to nature, come along on this walk and get to be a part of something larger than all of us.


The pick-up process in Bangalore commences at 11:00 p.m. from a number of preset pickup places.

After reaching the foot of Uttari Betta around 02:30 AM, you should take a few minutes to relax.

Begin the climb to the peak of Uttari Betta at 3 a.m. on the dot.

You will get to the peak of Uttari Betta at 4:30 a.m., where you may relax around the campfire and enjoy the sunrise.

After seeing the dawn at 07:00 a.m., return to the base at the earliest opportunity.

At 07:30 a.m., make a pit break on the route to clean up and have a snack before continuing.

12:00 noon: Arrive in Bangalore, bringing this wonderful adventure to a successful conclusion.



Services for pick-up and drop-off in and around Bangalore are available.

Other Factors to Take into Account


Trekking Permits are required.

Navigation from NammaTrip to the trailhead


Consider bringing the following items with you:

You’ll need a small backpack to transport the items listed below.

Bottles of water are available.

Energy bars are a kind of bar graph.

Optional items such as personal medication or a first aid kit are also acceptable choices.

For the evening, sweaters and jackets are ideal attire.

a raincoat or a poncho is recommended (if it looks rainy)

Having an extra set of clothing is usually a smart idea (in case you plan to dive in the lake)

It is advised that you wear good sports or hiking shoes.

Batteries for a flashlight or torches in addition to what you already have

Photographic equipment (Camera) is defined as follows: (optional)


Bags, sticks, and other equipment, as well as your own and other people’s equipment, must be brought to your destination.

Restrooms are not likely to be found in the area of hills if you’re out enjoying the great outdoors. There are just two washrooms available, one at the hotel and one at the campsite (you arrive at the hotel or campsite for breakfast or lunch).

Expect to be deprived of electricity and other contemporary luxuries when visiting this site.

COVID-19 SOP (COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure) (COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure)

Trekkers are required to wear face masks and gloves for the duration of the walk, and they must keep them on at all times while on the trail.

The batch size will be kept to a bare minimum in order to maintain social distance between participants. Hikers are required to maintain a 5ft distance between themselves and one another throughout the duration of the path.

To ensure their personal safety, trekkers are expected to carry and apply hand sanitiser on a regular basis while on the trail.

Travel history

In order to prepare for the walk, each trekker will be asked about their travel history over the previous 10 days, which will help them better understand the terrain.

A traveller who has been through a red zone or who has a problematic travel history will be asked to present covid tests completed within the last five days before being permitted to proceed with their booking.

 If the trekker has any symptoms throughout the trek, or even early in the journey, he or she will be advised to stop the walk immediately and seek medical attention.

avoid littering, spitting, or gargling

While on their trip, trekkers should avoid littering, spitting, or gargling in public places. Under no circumstances will they be authorised to share water bottles or any other personal belongings with one another.

Pre-boarding procedures will involve taking the temperature of all participants and the bus driver, and if required, face masks will be provided.

It is expected that the selected mode of transportation would be used to its maximum capacity, which is around 70%.

Information of the trekker

We will gather and retain all of the essential information on the hikers, including their age, phone number, and home address, among other things. All participants will be required to provide a copy of their government-issued picture identity card.

In addition to the Covid-19 Social Distancing Guidelines. We will encourage all trekkers to follow the rules and laws of their respective state governments.

On the first day of the trip. Trekkers will be asked to sign a disclaimer form and will be told of everything that they are not authorised to do while on the trail.

We will choose restaurants and hotels for meals and lodgings. That fulfils stringent hygiene standards. We will make certain that the place is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

Trained professionals

All of our Outdoor Leaders will get thorough training on the policies and procedures that must be followed. As part of our preparations. We will ensure that there will be organisers on hand during the journey. Who will take care of the necessary protection and safety precautions

Any trekkers who display symptoms will be separated as quickly as feasible. And they may be asked to quit the walk at any point throughout the journey.

Disinfectants shall be used on a regular basis to clean all of the automobiles, restaurants, the house stays, and other equipment on the property.

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