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Turkey Visa for African Citizens & Turkey Visa Types

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1. Types of Turkey e-Visa

Foreign tourists and guests traveling to the Republic of Turkey must carry the correct documents to be prepared to enter the country. Turkey exempts certain foreign nationals from carrying old or paper visas once in the country by air on an advertised or charter flight. Passport holders from visa-exempt countries will instead apply online for a Turkey e-Visa or Turkey Visa The Turkey e-Visa is a political candidate document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey that serves as a visa discharge and allows international travelers to return to the country via commercial or chartered flights at ease and to the country. convenience

2. Turkey e-Visa


Turkey e-Visa is often applied online and once your application is submitted, received, and approved, the Turkey online visa will be added to your passport and valid for one hundred and eighty days. Although the Turkey e-visa has an equivalent function the difference between the Turkey visa lies in the indisputable fact that an eVisa for Turkey is easier than a standard or sticker visa for Turkey whose application and approval take an extended time than Turkey visa. Online for foreign nationals which can usually be approved at some intervals.Turkey Visa for African Citizens

International guests will apply online for Turkey visa for various and wide purposes, love stop or transit, or tourism and sightseeing or business purpose. The Royal Turkish Police monitors the border and controls the movement of travelers in and out of Turkey. The Royal Turkish Police Junta has the authority to issue many types of visas for Turkey, the most important of which are,

Types of Turkey Visa:


  • Turkey specific visa
  • Turkey Business Visa for Investors
  • Turkey visa for visiting relatives and friends
  • Turkey visa for an official visit
  • Turkey Multiple Entry Visa
  • Turkey Travel Visa

3. Conclusion

The Turkey e-Visa is superior to the aforementioned visas as it is often applied and completed online within minutes, it is issued in most cases within twenty-four hours, it allows multiple visits up to one hundred and eighty days not exceeding ninety days. Turkey visa online is valid for tourism and trade or business purposes.


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