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How can you increase your Instagram followers?

Followers on Instagram
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How can you increase your Instagram followers?

For clarity, it is not a good idea to focus Followers on Instagram on gaining more followers on Instagram for the desire to increase the number of followers. We need to ensure that you have the right followers – those who are genuinely attracted to your products or services, content, and more. Check now

Be aware that simply because more people are following you doesn’t mean you’ll earn more revenue! It’s more beneficial to have 1,000 faithful followers committed to you and what you can offer them than 100,000 followers who never purchase anything you are selling.

Create high-quality content

We didn’t mention amazing photos on Instagram. Because #realtalk doesn’t mean you have to be a professional photographer to be successful on Instagram. While it may be easier to draw new followers by creating an appealing Instagram feed, you also have the option of creating videos, graphics, and other types of visual content.

Always start with your audience’s needs, such as. For instance, when you’re a wedding photographer trying to get the attention of brides-to-be, your photography will be a factor! Your potential clients must see your work before they are enticed to hire you. Let’s say, for instance. 

You’re a business consultant for working moms. Your client base probably doesn’t care much about looking at “perfect” photos and prefers your value proposition to your overall message.

However, it isn’t a bad idea to take great images. There are a lot of people who are likely to be immediately drawn to a stunning Instagram feed. Regardless of whether you agree or not, your first impressions count.

If there’s no professional photography in your life, Instagram is here to help you! Membership offers thousands of images and customized Instagram templates to make life much easier.

Understand your target audience

It’s essential to identify your audience’s preferences – not only is this important to your brand’s overall image. It’s also pertinent for the content you publish on Instagram.

Certain kinds of content are suitable for other businesses but may not work for yours. If somebody else is doing something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it too.

It is essential to consider the kinds of content that your intended audience would be able to relate to. They are who they are? What do they have in mind while scrolling through Instagram? What are their issues? How can you assist them? How to get followers on Instagram fast

Understanding your audience’s needs can help you develop more engaging content. And better content will allow you to attract and increase the number of your Instagram followers!

Always show up

Every day posting is less than it once did; however, if you’re focusing on growing the number of your Instagram followers, you’ll be consistent. If your followers see that you are consistently present and post valuable content and value, they’re more likely to be engaged with your posts. 

In addition, the more people interact with your content and share it. The more people will view it. If the more your posts are shared, the more people will be able to see them. The more carefully you utilize geotags and hashtags, the more people will get to them. Do you see a pattern?

But being consistent is effective if you have high-quality content. Therefore, we don’t suggest posting every single day to show up. It’s more beneficial to share three high-quality, interesting posts every week rather than posting random posts every day to get noticed.

#realtalk is a topic we’re aware of. Showing up requires making a lot of new content. This is why we include new images in our members’ library every week, and we release the latest Canva template designs at least once each month!

Deliberately make use of hashtags.

Make use of hashtags. However, not all hashtags are created equal Use hashtags that are specifically targeted towards your content and target users. I’m not sure who started saying that hashtags aren’t necessary or aren’t working anymore.

However, trust us when we say that hashtags can aid new people discover you, which could increase the number of your Instagram followers. Do not use unpopular hashtags, such as #like this photo, or standard such as beautiful.  Real Instagram followers

Make sure to use a mixture of specific but varying degrees of popularity, for instance, particular hashtags for niches that only 50k or fewer people have used, as well as more general hashtags that fewer than 500k users have used. 

You can utilize 30 hashtags for each image; however, even using only a handful of hashtags will increase the popularity and reach of Instagram posts!

Engage in conversation with new people

It’s not a necessity. However, we’ll insist on it – you must be responding to comments and engaging those you follow as well as the people who follow you. Since Instagram is a social media platform, make sure to keep it active!

To increase the number of Instagram followers, you must also talk to new users (who do not already follow you). Instead of waiting for people to discover your profile, you can actively locate them! How to increase followers on Instagram for business

You can use hashtags that are relevant within your field to locate individuals who fit into your ideal segment. Be aware of what kinds of accounts those within your target market follow. 

Are they following influential brands, influencers, or communities? Take a look at your competitors and other business owners with similar audiences- their followers are likely to be in your target market also. 

For instance, those who follow other companies that offer feminine graphic design templates or stylish custom-designed website themes are likely to be part of our target market because they are DIYing their business and marketing and might require images they can use for those themes and templates.

Pro-tip: Don’t simply like one or two photos when connecting with your intended audience and then make an emoji-based comment. Please complete the effort to respond to their posts by leaving thoughtful and thoughtful comments. Many of our IRL friendships began via Instagram. However, you need to engage with people naturally!

Use Instagram stories to leverage your Instagram account.

There’s been a trend to share more content on Instagram stories over the last few years. However, various methods exist to utilize Instagram stories to increase your followers and draw more viewers to your posts!

 In the beginning, you’ve probably seen an increase in “suggested content” on Instagram lately, and often you’ll see suggestions for IG stories appearing on your feed. This is an effective way to increase the likelihood of your followers or potential viewers seeing your posts.

It’s straightforward to be lost in Instagram videos for hours (#guilty). Consider thinking about the kinds of stories that could be useful and shareable with your viewers. Stories on Instagram are an excellent way to interact with your audience and encourage them to share and engage with your posts. 

Do not be afraid to urge users to utilize the sharing options on Instagram to share your content and their followers.

Make sure to share the content on your Instagram with your friends outside Instagram.

If you would like your followers elsewhere to be following you on Instagram, explain why they should follow you on Instagram. There are many ways to connect the content of your Instagram with your followers outside of Instagram, for example:


  • Please use a plugin to share the content of your Instagram feed to your site (we use this feature on our website!)
  • Add an Instagram link inside your email signature or at the bottom of your newsletters (we also do this!)
  • Make a call to action on your thank-you pages to invite people to follow the account on Instagram (yep, you’ll notice it on ours)


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