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Google Chrome Set to Alert All HTTP Sites

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Google Chrome Set to Alert All HTTP Sites


In 2014 Google announced on their(Buy Facebook followers uk) Chromium Projects website that:


 We will devise and implement an implementation strategy for Chrome in the year 2015.”


This proposal aims to make it clearer to those using HTTP that HTTP is not a data security service.




This signifies that this is the final road for secure HTTP websites.

My opinion is that Google will be the first to lead. Begin to display warnings for browsers throughout web pages that disrupt traffic flow.

The possibility is that visitors could be pushed away from a website due to security concerns.

Additionally, Google and other search engines may penalize sites they believe are not secure sites.

Move them off on the search page results. If Google decides to do this, other major browsers.

Such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge. Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and others. Could be compelled to follow suit.


What Do You Need to Do To Prepare


It is important first to understand the issues posed by its HTTP protocol. The most significant problem is that all information (including sensitive passwords, usernames, and credit card data).

Is transmitted over the Internet (between the web server and the webpage) in simple text format.

This implies that a malicious entity who could profit from having this information could easily acquire. This data to steal money and commit fraud from the report.


In short, you have to set up HTTPS for all websites that you manage.


What’s HTTPS?


HTTPS is a secure protocol that may be used for communication via the Internet (between web servers and websites). Which utilizes a bi-directional encryption system to guarantee that untrusted third parties can’t read the contents of contacts.

Encryption methods are TLS (Transport Layer Security) and its predecessor SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). At the moment, TLS is the recommended method to use.


Website Hosting SSL or TLS?

SSL image


Several hosting companies for websites are in transition. Most companies would have installed SSL on their web servers in the past.

However, they will soon have required by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard that in June 2016, the encryption method employed must be TLS.

So, all quality web hosting providers are using the TLS security method. If you’re unsure which encryption method is utilized for your site (SSL or TLS), you must contact your web hosting provider.


What is the best way to implement TLS encryption?


In the first place, as previously mentioned, you need to consult your hosting service to confirm that they have TLS encryption.

Note: click here

Keep in mind that the hosting company may be in transition and may have both systems running on separate servers. Make sure that your website is running on a server that uses TLS.


Then, you need to buy an SSL certificate and then have it loaded on the server and linked to the domain you have registered.


Three types of domain validation must be taken into account when choosing the right SSL certificate:


Standard Standard Domain Verified SSL Certificates offer an extremely low level of security that is available from a private certificate authority.


Premium Organisation Validation SSL certificates offer complete validation for both companies and businesses from a certificate authority that utilizes the most current and accepted manual vetting methods.


Extra Validation SSL Certificates with Extended Validation offer your customers the highest level of security, encryption, and confidence and increase conversion rates.

These certificates ensure that visitors know that they are safe to conduct transactions on a site by making the address bar green in popular browsers.


I would suggest EV certifications in almost every situation.


What You Should Do on Your Website

The method used for building your site-specific actions will have to be performed to make your site SSL/TLS-compliant. Your web development firm must discuss this.


How to Check Your Website for Compliantness

As a first test, there are numerous tests online for free, like High-Tech Bridge. This tool can be a good way to conduct a quick test.

But a thorough test conducted by an approved PCI-certified partner must be performed for complete assurance.

After compliance has been achieved. Regularly scheduled tests must be undertaken to ensure that the company is constantly observing.


Other things you need to Be aware of

In the opening section of the article, I stated that search engines could penalize websites that are not secure. The following list must be reviewed and put on your website:


  • Introduce HTTP Strict Transport Security Response header
  • Canonical tags should refer to HTTPS
  • Links that are hardcoded must be checked and then repointed back to HTTPS
  • Every file on the website (images/documents/CSS/JavaScript) need to point to HTTPS
  • Set 301 redirects HTTP from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Update sitemaps to make use of HTTPS and submit them to Google or Bing Webmaster Tools

I believe that the implementation of TLS is a requirement for all web proprietors. Get started now to ensure that your site’s performance suffers from security concerns!



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