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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Elevated Dog Bowls

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Is your pet in need of a new bowl? As you’ve probably seen, some of the bowls are elevated off the ground, while others rest flat on the floor. There are numerous reasons why elevated dog bowls with storage would be beneficial for your dog. It’s possible that your veterinarian will prescribe that you elevate your dog’s bowls in the event of particular medical concerns. This article will discuss some of the benefits of buying an elevated dog dish with storage. 

What Are Elevated Dog Food Bowls?

Elevated dog bowls are those that don’t rest on the floor but are instead raised off the ground. Depending on the design, the bowl’s actual elevation may vary. Elevated dog bowls, also known as raised dog food bowls, are available in various heights to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

A variety of raised pet food bowls allow owners to customize the height of their pet’s bowl. Because of the rising popularity of elevated dog bowls, many pet owners wonder if they should switch to using these for their puppies instead of the more traditional ones.

How Do I Choose An Elevated Dog Bowl?

There are numerous sizes of elevated dog bowls with storage to choose from. For every dog and every dog owner, there is no one-size-fits-all dish. It’s possible to measure your dog and choose the correct bowl size when browsing at bowls. Measure your dog from their shoulders to the ground to understand what size you’ll need. Subtract 3 to 6 inches from that measurement. You can find your desired bowl height here. Elevated bowls come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The type of dog you have will influence which bowl you choose.

What Are The Advantages Of Elevated Bowls?

After learning what an elevated bowl is, it’s time to consider whether it’s right for your dog. In other words, what are the advantages of feeding your dog from a raised dog bowl with storage?

Reduces The Strain

Strain can be caused by bowls that are on the ground. Pets that have finished chewing or drinking water will elevate their heads, which is the first sign. They do this to make swallowing a little easier. This action will be less taxing on their necks if they use an elevated bowl.

The dog’s neck, hips, shoulders, and joints might also be put under pressure by too low bowls. Geriatric dogs and those with hip or spinal issues benefit most from elevated bowls since they are less likely to suffer from the pain and discomfort associated with conventional bowls.

It Aids The Stability Of Bowls

Elevated dog bowls with storage are mounted on a sturdy platform that won’t tip over. When dogs are having fun in the house, they may accidentally run into their bowls or scoot them across the floor with their noses. Bowls that rest on the floor tend to move around a lot more than stands do.

It’s Easier To Eat With Less Mess

Another possible advantage? When it comes to eating or drinking, elevated bowls can make the procedure a lot easier. In order to prevent food or liquids from falling to the floor, make sure your elevated bowl has support with a platform. Additionally, if the bowls are appropriately secured in the stand (which they should be! ), your dog won’t accidentally spill food all over the place. Elevated bowls mean less mess, which means less time spent cleaning up after your dog.

Proper Body Position

Larger dogs are more likely to eat while lying down. If their dish is on the ground, lying on the floor makes it easier for them to get to the food. You can fix their posture by lifting their bowls to a height that is appropriate for them.

Corrects an Aggressive Attitude Behavior

A dog’s head is turned downwards as it consumes food from the floor. They become territorial and possessive because they can stand over the bowl and not see anyone approaching. When people approach their meal bowl, they may act aggressively due to this. They will feel more at ease if the bowl is elevated, as they will be able to look around them.

Aids In Swallowing

A dog’s ability to swallow will be improved if its bowl is elevated. When your dog bends down to drink or eat, food and liquids must be transported up the esophagus and into the stomach against gravity. Elevating their bowls makes it much easier for them to swallow.

It Slows Down Quick Eaters

Elevated bowls can help dogs who are notorious for eating quickly. Because they have to eat in a more upright stance, this can slow them down. It’s also good to utilize slow feeder bowls with dogs that eat quickly. For dogs who eat at a rapid pace, many companies offer a slow-feeder dish that is also elevated.

Access To The Bowl Is More Convenient For You

Your dog’s bowls will be simpler to reach if you raise them. Osteoarthritis might make it difficult for the elderly to bend over. Elevated dishes for your dog make feeding them much simpler.

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