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Top Reasons Wedding Photography Is Great At The Smokies

Wedding Photography Is Great At The Smokies
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One of the locations couples love to have their weddings is at smoky mountains national park. The big question is- what is so special about this place? This is the question we will be answering in this post.

So, if you don’t yet know, sit back, relax and read through these six top reasons.

1. The height

One of the reasons photographers love taking pictures in the mountains is the height involved. Most smoky mountain photographers know how to get great angles that capture the love and the height the couples are on. If you love how some online pictures look of mountains, going for great smoky mountains national park wedding photography will help you achieve it. Even if the photos are just for the pre-wedding shoot, it will be worth it when the right photographer captures the elevation with the pictures.

2. The view

There are times of the day at smoky mountains that looks so magical, which is the perfect timing for memorable pictures. Most weddings that hold on mountains target such times to capture photographs that will be cherished for a long time. The scenic view of the sunset is one of those precious moments that will contribute to the overall beauty of any picture. Of course, you need to hire great smoky mountains national park licensed photographers, but once they are on board, you can have as many images as you want. In fact, you can set up a session before your wedding day to get fabulous pictures to include in your photo album.

3. The river

The river is supposed to be avoided if you want to avoid getting your clothes soiled, but you will have to stay in it to get beautiful pictures. Interestingly, many couples enjoy riverside pictures and would do anything to get the best memories from them. The splashing river against the rock as you hold your partner’s hand always makes a good picture pose for most smoky mountain photographers. If you decide to go to the mountains, one of the places you shouldn’t miss out on making memories is the river.

4. Cabin experience

Weddings in the cabin are also possible at the smokies, which is a top option for lovers of cabins. If you like the idea of taking pictures in a cabin setting or just enjoying the smell of a campfire, you can achieve it at the national park. You would just have to rent the cabins for the occasion, and you can take as many pictures as you want.

5. Rain or Open field experience

Having your wedding done in the smokies most likely means you will be exposed to rain or sun. Although you might want to get a canopy, the best kind of great smoky mountains national park wedding photography is without such canopies. So, if you don’t mind rain or the direct flow of breeze on your special day, this is a perfect spot for you. Or you could only take the pictures when at the smokies but do the wedding some other place depending on what you prefer.

6. The dense forest

What better way to enjoy the forest if it is not with a lover and it becomes electrifying when you make memories from it. Having wedding photographs in the smoky mountains forest is a good option and an irregular one. If you want to take a conventional picture, you can take it at the beach or near the church, but the forest is usually not on top of many people’s minds. You will be making memories with forest pictures and daring the unusual, making it fun for you and your partner. Nothing stops you from having smoky forest wedding pictures if the photographer is ready to go with you.


Hopefully, if you are planning on doing your wedding or taking wedding pictures anywhere else outside the smokies, these reasons have convinced you. Once you have a great smoky mountains national park licensed photographer, you can explore the many options of places to use in the mountains. Plus, if you want to make it more memorable, hire the best so you will have quality pictures from different angles to reminisce on years after.

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