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Top medical billing challenges that might ruin the healthcare revenue cycle

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ruin the healthcare revenue cycle 

Lack of skilled candidates, always evolving compliance, and the increasing competition are not the only challenges faced by the healthcare sector to top it off is the medical billing process. Medical billing issues have become so ubiquitous in the healthcare sector that stakeholders have started accepting mediocre billing with alacrity but this laid-back attitude can one day topple down the entire healthcare operation. 

It doesn’t matter which type of healthcare sector you comb through, you will always find them dealing with different issues related to the billing system and it doesn’t matter how much they try to subdue these challenges, they keep haunting them back. 

Some of these challenges are related to patients while most of them are forged in the medical billing process and tool only. A mediocre medical billing system can hit the healthcare revenue cycle hard and then stepping up to the plate will become a herculean task. 

Even the healthcare employees wearing multiple hats and all the hands at the desk dealing with day-to-day operations give less time that can be devoted to medical billing. And since medical billing requires a dedicated team and full attention, mistakes, errors, and procrastination become obvious. 

Let’s take a look at some common medical billing challenges that every healthcare facility has to deal with. 

Lack of information from the patient’s side 

For many patients, a big portion of their medical expenses remains invisible to them and that is just because they can’t fathom how the expenses have been listed down. Although healthcare pricing is not always transparent and this might lead to the patient believing that all they need is health insurance for covering the cost, here, the real issue is the lack of knowledge, not transparency. 

Even when Obamacare was introduced and it covered millions of people with high deductible plans,  many people didn’t fathom that a specific type of medical requirement can leave them with $10,000 in medical bills that will not be covered by the insurance policy. 

This is the main reason why even have a communication plan that can be used to educate the patients about their rights and what they are not eligible for.

Coding mistakes 

Even in the current era, when hospitals have become more used to incorporating ICD-10 codes, coding errors sometimes seem inevitable for healthcare facilities. And when incorrect coding is used in the billing process, it can result in issues like denial of a claim. 

The good news is medical billing companies in USA can deal with such errors. Such companies establish frequent communication between the clinical and their own billing team, provide regular medical billing training to their staff members, and keep the team updated about coding requirements. All this results in perfection in the codes used for medical billing. 

The negative effect of such errors isn’t only confined to the revenue cycle of the healthcare system but it even extends to the perception of the patient regarding the healthcare experience. So, the best possible solution for this issue will be to opt for a medical billing company in USA.

The use of a manual process makes the process more intricate 

Most healthcare centers know that submitting a claim is much more than the push of a button. The healthcare facility must use powerful data collection tools, build a seamless communication channel between the clinical and the billing team, and ameliorate the denial management procedure. 

But the bad news is still, one-third of the healthcare service providers still rely on a manual process for dealing with the medical billing process. The already complicated process of medical billing becomes more intricate when a manual process is used. 

But if you can’t afford to buy the required tools and train your team for an automated billing system then must opt for a medical billing company USA. Such companies charge a nominal monthly fee and in return, you get professional medical billing service built on skilled professionals and updated tools.

Healthcare employees never have enough time for medical billing 

While it’s a fact that for most healthcare facilities, medical billing is a part of the operation that is handled by a team already managing a wide array of operations. But even when you refer to the healthcare lexicon, you will realize that medical billing requires a dedicated team and complete attention. 

But since the healthcare employees are always bogged down, the only option left for healthcare facilities is to choose a medical billing company in the USA as such companies know how to deal with medical billing USA and they even have dedicated teams and updated tools for perfecting medical billing of any healthcare facility. 

Just because errors in medical billing are common doesn’t mean you should start accepting it with alacrity. Instead, you should step up to the plate and stop the medical billing issues from spiraling out of control by opting for a dedicated medical billing company. 

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