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Top Design Tips for Autumn Inspired Interiors

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Country Blinds considers Autumn to be one of their favourite seasons. This is not only because of its unique aesthetics. This season is often referred to as Winter’s twin sister, because it comes with chills, foggy mornings and warm cups of spiced Tea. It is a beautiful complement to the act of relaxing in luxury. The perfect season for us to enjoy our homes and the interiors we have lovingly designed, is Autumn.

It’s natural to want to bring out the beauty of autumn in your home’s interior design. That’s why we stock thick, textured blinds and curtains in a variety of colors to match every Autumn-inspired colour palette. We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Autumn-coloured curtains and giving you tips and tricks for creating vibrant and inviting autumn interiors.

Continue reading to learn how you can make this season a vibrant and rich one with your seasonal decor.

Use Warm Colors In The Midst Of Overcast Backgrounds

The most striking feature of autumn is its warm color palette, as we have already mentioned. Autumnal interiors are known for being dynamic and multidimensional.

To evoke forest landscapes, we recommend earthy tones for flooring. Warmer tones should be used in the vertical space between your furniture and larger pieces of décor. To instantly “autumnify”, your living room, drape blankets or throws on your couch. Throws can provide warmth, texture, and colour.

Our Portsea Red Home Theater Blockout Curtains is the best choice if you are looking for a vibrant Autumn-coloured curtain panel. Country Blinds’ most popular curtain panels are the Portsea Red Home Theatre Blockout Curtains. This is due to their timeless red colour, which is perfect for any home theatre, as well as their noise-absorbing and blocking capabilities.

Our Portsea curtains also come in our custom-made curtains range. We will need the dimensions of your home to create curtains that fit perfectly.

Add Texture And Color To Your Autumn Interior Design Scheme

We have a lot of blankets, throws and cushions that will be making their way into your autumnal interiors this season. But we must mention that our collection of Autumn-coloured curtains is not just curated based solely on colour. To create beautiful Autumn interiors, texture is just as important as using warm colours.

We recommend that you check out our stunning selection of textured velvet drapes. They will add a soft shimmer and resemble the morning dew on crimson leafs. You can choose from a variety of colors, including emerald and grey velvet curtains to give your Autumn-inspired interiors a dynamic backdrop.

Our favorite colour from our velvet curtains collection is the soft, yet strong Rosewood Pink Eton Velvet Eyelet Curtains. This muted pink will complement the dark skies from your windows during this sleepy season and provide a refreshing break from the warm autumn colours in your interiors.

Statement Curtains To Match Your Autumn Decor

Contrary to popular belief statement curtains do not have to be in bright colours to make a statement. This is especially true when you consider the loudness of the Autumn palettes’ warmer colors.

Our Genoa Sheer Curtains In Ivory are a great choice if you’re looking for statement curtains that will add dynamism and style to your Autumn-inspired interiors. Genoa Sheer Curtains have an open weave design to create a delicate drape effect. They are made from high-quality, durable polyester material that is similar to cheese cloth.

This particular panel is well-suited to balance out interiors with brighter, more solid colours. These curtains can be used as sheers to let soft Autumn-dappled sunlight filter through your home’s interiors. This will provide natural lighting that suits the season’s introspective, muted atmosphere.

Our Anton Linen-Style Pleated Wave Curtains In Gold Chai is another similar panel. These panels’ rich yellow color will complement autumn mornings with spiced tea and make a great addition to foggy interiors.

Keep Out Seasonal Chills

Last but not the least, while we’ve spoken about the importance of blankets, throws and cosy cushions in Autumn-inspired interiors, it is worth noting that Australian Autumns can be quite chilly at times. It is a time when you should be preparing for colder Winter weather earlier than you think. This is because autumn days are not far from what our homes feel like in mid-July.

It’s never too early for you to start thinking about ways to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and utility bills. There are many ways to increase your home’s ability regulate the temperature inside, but window insulation with quality thermal curtains is one of the most effective methods for preparing your home for colder weather.

Our Bergen Pleated wave thermal curtain panels in brown would be our recommendation. However, our Bergen thermal curtains can add warmth and vibrancy to any interior in any colour. Country Blinds has always loved this particular shade of dark brown curtain panel. This is because it’s the perfect tone for Autumn and pays homage to forests.

Pleated wave thermal curtains can add depth and texture to any space. These curtains will feel right at home in your living room or bedroom.

While we’ve covered a variety of warm and muted colors in our collection of Autumn-coloured curtains, it is important to remember that the best curtains for your Autumn home design are the ones that match your seasonal home design. Mix and match the styles and colours we have provided above to help you choose the best curtains for your Autumn home design.

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