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TOP 5 Folding Knife Brands

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1. Zero Tolerance Knives

The case when the age of the company is not at all an indicator of current regalia and merits. Zero Tolerance was founded only in 2006, but in more than a decade. It has managed to make more noise than some centenarians in this market segment. Having enlisted the support of the pillar of the production of folding knives. In the face of Kershaw, having come up with an original style and thoroughly working for the benefit of improving quality, this manufacturer has managed to win over many true fans of edged weapons.

Despite the high price, absolutely all product lines are in a rush: both those that have already come out and those that are just getting ready for mass sale. The following models can be noted as the most promising developments of the brand:

  • Zero Tolerance Titanium KVT® Flipper ZT 0095 with titanium handle and S35VN blade;
  • Zero Tolerance 0223 Tim Galyean – with a diamond-like coating of a blade made of 60-62 HRC steel and a titanium handle. 

2. Cold Steel

Quite a young company for the production of the best folding knives, founded in 1980 in the California city of Ventura. It is positioned on the market as one of the most “strange” manufacturers since, in addition to knives. The range of its products is represented by broadswords and other exotic weapons. However, this dispersion does not in the least prevent Cold Steel from saturating the knife market segment with quality products: the equipment of the brand’s production lines is truly chic.

As for the characteristic details, a whole set of merits prevails here, however, with one small caveat. All knives of this brand are distinguished by a rather low cost and a high degree of durability of the locks. As well as optimal hardness values ​​​​of the steel blade (from 57 to 60 HRC). The only drawback is that there are not so many folding knives in the Clod Steel line: tourist and tactical fixed models have taken over the main representation.

Two representatives of the brand can be distinguished by their dignity:

  • Cold Steel Pocket Bushman – a model with a straight sharpening, a reliable blade locking mechanism, and a belt clip; 
  • Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto (27BT) is both concise and incredibly practical. With a diamond-like coating on the blade and a comfortable fiberglass handle.


The official manufacturer of knives for the Swiss army, VICTORINOX is a full-fledged monopoly company in its country. From the very moment of its foundation (1884) to this day. The main specialization of the brand has been the production of multifunctional folding knives – only their number has changed with age.

However, recently VICTORINOX has been experimenting with the development of single folding blades for hiking and everyday wear. It turned out pretty well. The range of the brand was quickly replenished with both very inexpensive and exclusive models with a price noticeably above average. The best and most popular knives can be distinguished:

  • VICTORINOX Hunter Pro 0.9410.9 with an ergonomic plastic handle and X50CrMoV15 stainless steel blade;
  • VICTORINOX Hunter Pro Alox Damast Limited Edition 2020 – a model with a Damascus steel blade and a cost of around 100,000 rubles.

4 Damascus knives

A famous and respected knife maker. It was founded in Damascus in 1939 when the population was exposed to mainstream weapons. Despite specializing in hammers and anvils, historically the first holders of the company have not yet mastered all the intricacies of making blades for knives (and even more so for special folders). In many cases, because of this, the company’s “chip” has become a constant desire to improve the quality of its products.

To date, Damascus has been the most advanced in terms of production equipment. Enabling it to play an important role not only in the knife section but also in the class of all hand tools in principle.

Traditionally strong representatives of this company are:

  • Damascus Folding Knives 31-000752 – Bright design combined with the shape of an ergonomic handle and the convenience of high-strength Chromoly steel blades;

5 Emerson Knives

Honor belongs to another American brand that is very popular with fans of folding swords. And it is clear that this is perfectly legitimate: the quality of the product meets the highest expectations of consumers. The great Emerson dates back to 1979. At the time, Ernest Emerson was selling his first home sword from his garage. Inspired by this process, the experienced craftsman keeps creating the work of his choice. A few years later, he became the founder of the Complete Tactical Sword Workshop.

Today, Emerson Knives is known not only for its endless collaboration with other players in the market (such as Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Spyderco) but also for the very high prices for many of its best products.

Famous Emerson:

  • Road House 57-59 HRC with Tento Blade Profile and Hardness;
  • Jack’s Gypsy Boyfriend, Stylish, 58 Strict

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