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Tips On What Attire to Wear Under Your Graduation Cap and Gown

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Your graduation ceremony is quickly approaching, and you have no idea what to dress for convocation. What are you going to do? While the customary cap and robes for convocation serve as your ceremonial uniform, you’ll also require apparel that can carry you from ceremony to celebration.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind while selecting the best attire to wear beneath your Preschool and Kindergarten Cap and Gown Set:

Wear an Appropriate Top Because It Will Be Visible

Graduation gowns are cut low enough in the front to reveal a shirt or top, even while wearing a hood — the colorful belt worn over the neck and the shoulders. Here are the finest shirts to wear for each person:

  • To present a professional and neat image, men should wear a collared dress shirt and necktie.

  • Women should wear a scoop-neck top with a modest cut or a collared shirt.

Choose the Appropriate Bottoms

  • Women should wear dress trousers or a shorter skirt beneath their gown, while males should wear khakis or dark-colored dress pants.

  • If you opt to wear dress trousers or a longer skirt, avoid brightly colored bottoms that may be seen below the gown’s hem and stick to darker colors. A bright color is suitable for trousers and skirts shorter in length and cannot be seen.

  • Skirts should be somewhat narrow — no broader than an A-line design — since puffy skirts may give dimension to a voluminous gown.

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Dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Convocation robes are fairly thick, and high temperatures and humidity might cause you to overheat beneath the lengthy gown. Dress comfortably, so you don’t wind up sweating during the ceremony.

  • Consider formal shoes that can handle a little dampness in the rain – no rain boots permitted. Both men and women should wear closed-toe dress shoes for the graduation ceremony, not sandals or sports shoes.

  • Whether your ceremony is inside or outside, you should always carry a change of shoes if your first pair becomes uncomfortable later, isn’t acceptable for the occasion, etc.

  • Women should not feel obligated to wear Preschool Cap and Gowns for Graduation and should consider how much standing and walking they will have to do. Women should avoid wearing tall heels and instead choose medium-height heels or flats.

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