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Tips on wearing traditional Indian bangles

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Bangle is the conventional accessory utilized uniquely in India which is a representation of feminity, ethnicity, and womanhood. Indian women adore wearying bangles complementing their appearance and outfit. The majority of women wish to pair their bangles with outfits like a salwar or a saree. But, contemporary bangles are jewellery pieces that can be easily paired with your regular jeans too. 

Gold bangles are an eternal accessory that might be worn by elderly women and young women. Indians’ love for gold jewellery, mainly gold bangles, has been there at all times and will continue forever. Traditional Indian bangles are a great example of culture, art and craftsmanship combined. Women in India enjoy wearing bangles to highlight their attire and appearance. Most Indian women wish to wear bangles with salwar suits or sarees. If you wish to acquire traditional Indian bangles, here are certain tips that you need to follow prior to bringing them home and also prior to getting that good-looking pair for yourself. 

Check the gold purity and hallmark

Whilst buying conventional gold bangles, purity is one amongst the most crucial aspects to take into account. It is preferable if you check the gold purity twice. Prior to buying conventional Indian gold bangles or any other Indian traditional jewellery, ensure that the gold is hallmarked. 

Preferable style

Gold bangles come in a wide range of embellishments such as gold bangles with emeralds, diamonds, pearls or rubies gold bangles with gems and diamonds, and plain gold bangles. If you want to sport bangles daily then you should opt for plain solid gold bangles and strong single line diamond bangles as they are ideal. For special occasions and parties, complex pieces with stones and diamonds are a good match.

Suitable design

Pick a design that you can wear on various occasions. Always remember the intent or the occasion of your traditional bangle shopping. There are various kinds of designs available such as the following;

    • Artistic Nakashi bangles
    • Plain gold bangles
    • Gold Temple jewellery bangles 
    • Kundan bangles
  • Diamond bangles made in gold
  • Gold with gemstones like emeralds or rubies
  • Meenakari bangles made in gold

Decide on the design of an Indian gold bangle that suits your event, outfit, and personality. There are plenty of designs available in the online store. 

Authentic workmanship

If you are purchasing luxury bangles for a particular occasion, like a wedding then selecting the appropriate workmanship can be vital. Antique, pacheli, meenakari, and temple are among the famous varieties of bangle craftsmanship.

In addition, you must check the metal colour that balances your attire. Ensure you buy an appropriate storage box for the same. A high-quality, soft box would guard the bangles against harm. 

Bangle types

White bangles

White bangles are often preferred by Indian women and they add them with a gorgeous white attire, particularly a white saree. A dozen of these bangle varieties can help complete your overall look.

Fancy bangles

If you wish to wear colourful clothes, you can opt for colourful and fancy bangles. You can be dressed in bangles of any colour that matches your attire. 

A single large bangle

To achieve a stylish look in your silk saree, it is suggested that you stay away from too many bangles. It is sufficient to wear one single large bangle on both hands for making a potent statement. You can utilize neckpieces and heavy earrings whilst wearing lesser bangles.

One significant thing that all classic bangles have in common is the ethnic importance they have, which never fails to make an impression. If there existed a weighing scale that evaluated old Indian bangles to lighter, newer, designs, the scales would tilt in favour of the ones with timeless and deep Indian roots. 

Now that you do know the guidelines for purchasing conventional Indian jewellery you can pop over to this website for buying pure gold bangles. 

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