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Tips for Piano Services and Keeping It in Tune

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Pianos are complicated pieces of machinery, and even the most careful owners can run into problems with their piano’s sound or performance over time. Luckily, if you have some basic knowledge of pianos and their parts, it’s possible to keep your piano in perfect tune with just a few hours of work per year. Here are tips for maintaining your piano and keeping it in tune.

How to protect your piano

Pianos are pricey investments, so taking proper care of them will keep them in tiptop shape for many years to come. If you don’t want to repair piano and save money, you should follow these tips.  Unfortunately, pianos often take a beating over time from kids running their toys across their keyboards or from pets who like to use your baby grand as a scratching post.

It is important to learn how to protect your piano from these kinds of accidents because broken strings can cost a small fortune to replace. Here are some tips on how you can protect your piano

  1. Put down rugs to prevent furniture and pets from scratching your piano’s finish.

Rugs also absorb sound that could otherwise be amplified by hardwood floors. If you have an upright piano, place it against a wall with bookshelves on either side; if you have a grand piano, consider placing it in front of an open window where fresh air can help dissipate sound waves more easily.

  1. Don’t eat near your piano

Dropping crumbs into its keys is one of the easiest ways to damage your instrument.

  1. Make sure children know not to play on top of a piano

The instrument’s wooden frame isn’t designed to support much weight, so playing while standing on top of it could cause serious damage. This may save you to repair piano often.

  1. Cover your piano when you aren’t using it

Dust accumulates quickly on instruments, especially ones that aren’t played regularly.

  1. Move carefully when carrying sheet music

One dropped sheet music book can put enough pressure on a piano’s lid to snap a key or two off completely.

  1. Avoid excessive heat and humidity

Leaving windows open during cold weather increases humidity levels inside—and pianos don’t like high humidity levels any more than we do! You won’t need piano services Brooklyn NY.

Why Piano Goes Out of Tune

Pianos rely on regular maintenance to stay in tune. There are three parts to any piano, so you need to keep them all maintained regularly—the action, frame, and strings—and they all require different frequencies of maintenance. Luckily, as piano services Brooklyn NY professionals we can give you some simple tips that will help you maintain your piano so it sounds its best every time you play it.

Simple Steps to Quick Clean

While piano services Brooklyn NY can cost a great deal of money, simple maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the road. Here are 5 easy steps for giving your piano a quick cleaning and avoid repair piano.

  1. Remove dust by wiping off dust from all surfaces with an air hose or microfiber cloth. Don’t forget about doing a shave-and-a haircut type maneuver on top of keys.
  2. Polish any wood surfaces using furniture polish.
  3. Clean out key tops using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol (or water if you don’t have rubbing alcohol).
  4. Use compressed air to blow out any debris that may be stuck inside between keys or under pedals.
  5. Wipe out any excess moisture left over after using compressed air by using a clean towel or rag (microfiber is best).

How To Maintain Your Piano’s Value for Future Generations

There are few things that are as much of an investment as a good piano. If you have one of these or plan on purchasing one, here are some tips for maintaining your piano’s value for future generations 1. Don’t move it around too much: It is tempting to try moving your piano around if you don’t like where it is currently located or if you want to change its location entirely. However, there are many problems with moving pianos. First, they can be quite heavy; depending on their size and construction, they may weigh several hundred pounds—and even professional movers will charge extra fees if they need more than two people to move them! Second, moving pianos puts stress on all of their parts.

This includes the keys themselves and other components such as pedals and strings. Over time, repeated stress can cause damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair piano. Third, when you move a piano yourself (or let someone else do it), you risk damaging its finish by scraping against walls or doorways during transport.

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