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Tips for Hiring a Reliable General Contractor

Local General Contractor Huntington Beach CA
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Verify the contractor’s license and insurance

Before you hire a local general contractor Huntington Beach CA, you should make sure to check his license and insurance. Obtaining these documents is easy. Ask the contractor for proof of insurance and bonding or visit the state licensing board website. If you cannot locate the certificate online, you can contact the insurance company to confirm the license and the policy limits. If the contractor does not have any insurance or bonding, you should reconsider hiring him.

Ask about the contractor’s past work

When choosing a contractor, it’s helpful to know how many projects they’ve completed in the past. While this isn’t absolute, knowing how often a contractor has completed a certain type of project will tell you whether the contractor is overly busy or is capable of completing a project on time. It may even help you determine whether your contractor is over-extended, a problem that often results in delays.

Verify the contractor’s references

Check the contractor’s references before choosing a local general contractor Garden Grove CA. While all contractors are required to provide references, make sure you dig deeper than emails and phone calls. Ask the potential contractor’s former clients and subcontractors how satisfied they were with the contractor’s work, the cost of the project, and their level of professionalism. The more references the contractor has, the better. Make sure to contact at least three of them to find out more about the contractor’s business practices and how they handled their previous clients.

Check online reviews

The first step in determining the reliability of a general contractor is to check online reviews. You can search for customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau or by visiting an online review site. A web search will reveal complaints, rip-offs, and legal cases against the contractor. Then, ask your contractor for before and after pictures of their work. If they are unable to provide before and after pictures, ask for references and check the Better Business Bureau.

Ask about the contractor’s reputation

Reputation is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a general contracting firm. To determine a contractor’s reputation, you should contact their previous customers. You should ask questions like if they’re happy with the finished project, whether they’ve been charged more than what they quoted, and if they’ve had any complaints. You should also ask to see their completed work. Those who’ve had positive experiences with a local general contractor Fullerton CA are more likely to recommend them to you.

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