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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage
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Relax the body and rejuvenate mind and spirit with a Therapeutic massage. Choose from relaxing massages, personalized skin care, nail treatments, or exfoliators. Our gift certificate options include spa packages and deals on a variety of treatments.

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage therapy is different from non-therapeutic (relaxing) massage that one may obtain at a spa or similar setting. Relaxation massage focuses on more immediate relaxation and tends to make the patient more inactive, due to the relatively short-term benefits.

Therapeutic massage offered by Usher Clinic relaxes the patient, but, more importantly, aims to improve the patient’s overall health. Therapeutic massage modifies the structure of soft tissues to improve function and circulation, which can have significant long-term benefits. The patient is also active in self-care, helping to make our type of massage more effective.

What are the Benefits of a Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage can help improve joint flexibility, relieve back pain, and stimulate the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain medicine. As therapeutic massage suppresses the soft tissues of the body, it can sometimes stimulate the body’s natural lymph flow, thus improving the body’s natural immune system. When found immediately after surgery, a therapeutic massage can help to reduce post-surgery swelling or posture. Your initial consultation with a licensed therapeutic massage will help us offer you the most accurate treatment method.

Can anyone be treated with a massage?

Although massage therapy is not recommended for certain conditions or certain areas of the body, Usher Clinic Center has the knowledge and experience of a massage therapist to adopt the treatment in almost any condition. By changing the location, pressure and technique, the benefits can still be achieved without compromising patient safety and comfort. Your massage therapist will be the best person to help you set appropriate expectations for your specific recovery or improvement.

Who performs therapeutic massage on BWH and what are their features?

The following is a list of all therapists at the Usher Center – all of whom are licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – along with a brief description of their diverse discipline background.

Order Mediterranean, LMT, specializes in intramuscular therapy (NMT), a muscle-specific treatment that balances muscle groups to correct postural stroke patterns. Treatment not only depends on the pain patterns, but also on a diagnosis of how a patient’s muscle tension is producing mood or other structural problems. NMT is very effective for any soft tissue pain. Although Art does a practice called Deep Tissue Massage, he also combines a tissue-relaxing technique called posture relaxation technique, which eliminates any trauma.


In addition to structural physical work, Art is certified as a Practical and Basic Integration Teacher, analyzing and treating a movement based on the Feldenkrais method. Core integration is a body awareness system that allows the subject to move his or her core muscles around the pelvis during daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, walking or lifting. Art was certified as a therapeutic massage practitioner for St. John Meath in 1994 and later as a teacher in 1996.

What are the benefits? How does it work

By increasing circulation, it is believed that deep tissue massage helps eliminate, expel, and count various waste products that cause pain and tightness in the tissue. Enhanced circulation Helps to reduce inflammation and generally accelerates the body’s natural healing process, as well as compensates for changes in circulation due to lack of use.

Massage is used for pain relief, stress reduction, passive exercise, and relaxation. Research indicates massage: Improves blood circulation and increases blood flow to the muscle, which means more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues throughout the body. The muscle relaxes and relieves stress

May help with digestion. Enhancing the lymphatic system increases the elimination of metabolic waste products and toxins throughout the body. Swelling from fractures can be reduced. Reduces scar tissue, adhesion and fibrosis from injury or mobilization

The connector covers the tissue and disperses the edema (inflammation) after ligaments and ear injuries, reducing pain and increasing movement and mobility.

Massage seems to maintain normal skin health and elasticity. Massage-related communication often helps to promote general body awareness, and helps people to feel and recognize tension and tension in different parts of the body. Massage generally stimulates the body’s overall relaxation, including temporary decreases in blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate, as well as the possible counteraction of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

Important psychological benefits of massage include nurturing, caring, and the feeling of connecting, as well as the relaxation experience that comes with touching another person in a gentle and healing way massage therapy Edmonton

What about spinal cord and brain injury?

Therapeutic massage can be especially helpful for people who have spinal cord or other types of brain injury and stroke, for the following reasons: It helps the blood return to the heart, partially compensating for the lack of movement, a decrease in activity, and a lack of muscle contraction that would normally do this. It helps to reduce inflammation in the extremities, most commonly among people with dynamic disabilities. This can be helpful in treating the effects of overuse of the muscle and compensating for the injury. It acts as a complete skin care process, enhances skin health, and helps identify and prevent skin infections. It relaxes the muscles, and can result in contracting down. This can increase the range of motion and flexibility.

It can help to manage the pain and reduce the overall pain level. It can help promote a better sense of consciousness, and promote more performance by reducing spasms.

Are there any dangers or dangers?

Complications are rare with therapeutic massage. However, some caution or warning is in order: Massage is not recommended for people with diabetes, varicose veins, phlebitis or other blood vessel problems, as blood clots can be removed. Therefore, the precaution is appropriate for those who have new wounds that are using anticoagulants or experiencing circulation problems below the wound level. Because it stimulates muscles and emotions, massage may trigger autism dysphoria and severe spasms, which can be quite uncomfortable and uncomfortable. As a result, the massage should start with a light touch and move to a deeper massage.

Deep massage can cause more damage to muscle fibers in the muscles.

The aggressive range of motion work, especially in the areas without feeling, can cause the muscles to tear and tear. Because massage therapists rely on client feedback and guidance, caution is advised when working in areas where there is no sense, such as tissue damage and bruising. In addition, massage is not recommended in the following cases:

Areas of severe inflammation (which are hot in contact, or show red or swollen), or where the skin is cut off or covered.Fever above 99.4 degrees. Skin diseases or itching that can spread to themselves or others. Disconnected joints or when there is no movement limit.Seated areas. Take Prednisone or Councilman because the skin is very sensitive and is likely to cause wounds.

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