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The Ultimate Guide for Floor and Surface Cleaning with High Pressure Washers

Pressure Washing
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High pressure washers can be used to clean different surfaces and floors. These machines can quickly and efficiently remove tough dirt, grime and mold, and they are very efficient.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you learn more about floor cleaning and surface cleaning with these machines.

The right High-Pressure Washer will remove stubborn dirt marks from concrete, tiles, terracotta and stainless steel surfaces. We’ll show you step-by-step how to clean these surfaces.

How To Clean High Pressure Floors And Surfaces

A high pressure surface cleaner has been chosen. We’ll now discuss how to properly clean them.

Use The Right Washer

Before you start the wash, make sure that you have the right tools. This will require selecting the right high pressure washer to do the job.


There are three types of washers: petrol, diesel and electric. Although electric washers are usually weaker, they can be powerful if you use commercial cleaners. Petrol power washers can wash cars and fences better than electric ones. Diesel is the most expensive but the best long-term investment. They are reliable and can do tough jobs.

Cold water

Hot Water is more efficient than Cold Water. You’ll also save time by using hot water. Hot pressure washers can be expensive. Sometimes they can cost twice as much. A cold pressure washer is sufficient to clean sand and strip paint.


Check the PSI (pounds per square inch) to ensure your washer is operating at the correct pressure. The washer will work better if the PSI is higher.

The surface that you are cleaning will determine the PSI required. For softwood such as cedar and pine wood patios, a lower pressure (between 500-600 PSI) is better. For cleaning cars, a washer with a PSI between 1,200 and 1,900 PSI is ideal. Concrete driveways can be cleaned with a PSI greater than 3,000. The Petrol Comet Italian Plunger has 2,700 PSI, and is great for cleaning concrete.

Prepare the surface

Preparing your surfaces is the first thing you need to do before your high pressure washer can be used. This is true regardless of whether you are washing concrete or any other material.

Remove furniture and wires from walls or floors. You can keep yourself safe by removing any debris that isn’t necessary. It is not a good idea to let debris fly and strike someone’s face.


It’s time to clean. Once you have chosen the right washer, it is time to spray and clean your floors and surfaces.

However, don’t rush to get in on the action. You should first test a small area of the surface. This will allow you to determine if the pressure you have chosen is too low (or too high). You can cause damage such as dents, scratches, or other types of damage if the pressure is too high.

Take your time when spraying. To avoid streaks, only wash a small area of the surface at a given time. You should wash from one side of the surface to the other. To drain your water properly, wash a sloped floor by washing it downwards.


Be aware of what is around you. Wash your hands frequently, and avoid slipping hazards such as uneven surfaces.

Never wash in the direction of someone if you are washing in that direction. There is a chance of injury when the jet pressure comes into contact with someone, including very serious hand injuries. To minimize the chance of injury, you should use personal protective equipment.

Want More High-pressure Surface Cleaner Tips?

High pressure floor cleaners can be very effective in cleaning your floors and surfaces. The above guide should help you get in the right mindset and provide useful information. We are happy to help you with any questions.

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