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The symbolic meaning of popular occasions

The symbolic meaning of popular occasions
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Do you know that flowers have a variety of meanings? Special occasions have their own flowers, each with their unique meaning. The habit of using different flowers for various occasions extends back to ancient times. Flowers had a major value in ancient Egypt and China. Flower symbolism has been passed down through the generations, and the custom continues to have an impact today.

symbolic meaning of popular occasions

One of the first times floral symbolism became popular was during the Victorian era. Many of Shakespeare’s plays make use of the metaphorical value of flowers. Rosemary (memorial), pansies (ideas), fennel (politeness), columbine (silliness), rue (infidelity), daisies (kindness), and violets (sadness and mortality) were among the flowers he mentioned.

People actually send flowers online to their dear ones to express a specific mood or message. There are many websites which helps you plan flower delivery in Pune and flower delivery in Mumbai all you have to do is just search them online with specific keywords. We hope that this information will assist you in understanding the symbolic significance of flowers. The mystery surrounding these magnificent creations will help you better comprehend their underlying feelings, giving you a good notion of the perfect kind of flower to match your or your loved ones’ emotions.

Some of the most popular flowers are listed below, along with the meanings they represent

  • Orchids

The orchid is the most adored flower of all time. The orchid is a delicate, fascinating, and lovely flower that symbolises love, elegance, beauty, and power. In historical Greece, orchids were correlated with masculinity. With several orchid colours to select from, you’re bound to discover one that perfectly conveys your emotions.

  • Tulips

Tulips may conjure images of wooden clogs and windmills, but these lovely blossoms hail from ancient Persia, not the Dutch. Their name is a transliteration of the Turkish word tulbend, which means “turban,” which they resemble. They are claimed to have emerged from the falling tear of a heartbroken lover in Persian tradition, and hence signify true love.

  • Daisy

These white daisies are durable and traditional, blooming from timely spring through departed fall. It’s a flower with a lot of different varieties and a lot of fantastic possibilities to go with it. They symbolise purity and hope, making them the ideal gift for someone who could use some encouragement and support. This flower has a lot of fans, and it’s a flower that you may offer to the people you care about. It’s a flower that represents love and dedication, and you should send flowers online to people you care about.

  • Red Rose

The red rose, the most beloved of all time, is frequently connected with genuine love. When it comes to flower mythology, the rose is the ancestor of them all, having been nurtured for almost 5,000 years. In many cultures, the red rose is a sign of love and beauty. The standard is a dozen, but 10 says “You are perfect,” 15 asks for pardon, and 50 promises unconditional love. There are some specific websites for flower delivery in Pune and flower delivery in Mumbai if you really want to surprise your loved ones with bunch of beautiful red roses. 

  • Carnation

Charming. Dignity and devotion. Each carnation has its own meaning; for example, a red carnation implies love whereas a pink carnation means affection. Carnations with streaks represent remorse for not sharing affection, whereas white carnations represent genuine love and yellow carnations exemplify denial or disappointment. 

  • Sweet Peas

These tiny, fun blooms come in a range of colours and resemble little butterflies. Sweet peas can represent departure, goodbye, or thankfulness for a special moment in one’s life. In the end, they represent happiness. Sweet peas are thought to have evolved in Italy, a country noted for its expression of pleasure in all aspects, from food to the natural beauty of its terrain.

  • Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are a type of flower that is generally referred to as “mums” and is among the most widely farmed flowers on the planet. They are used as celebration gifts for those born in November. The Chrysanthemum has been established as the official blossom of Chicago and Salinas, California.

Bottom Lines

You don’t need to be Professor Hopkins to figure out what some flowers symbolise. White flowers indicate purity and innocence, while red roses represent love. Isn’t it simple? Some flowers, however, are somewhat more enigmatic than you might expect, with hidden messages that might influence how they are received by near and dear ones. Flowers appear to have their own language, but we hope this article has been helpful in determining which blooms to send to communicate a specific message. Flowers are always there to do all the heavy lifting when words aren’t enough.

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