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The Importance of Hotels in Tourism Industry

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Hotels are certainly one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the field of tourism and lodging is indeed the primary factor in the growth of any region’s or country’s tourism. Tourism and the Hotel Industry always work hand-in-hand and the existence of enough hotels like hotels in thiruvilwamala can also be a benefit and many factors that make it a part of the regional economy. The Existence of a Hotel isn’t enough to boost the tourism industry in a particular region, but they do provide a sign of healthy tourists.

Some Facts & Numbers

The increasing tourism industry, as well as the hospitality industry, has been identified as one of the main growth factors, and the Hotel business has a lot to offer. The rich culture and heritage of homestay in thrissur have added value to the tourism sector in India. It has enormous potential given its wide range of ecosystems as well as scenic wonders and terrains that are scattered across the nation. Tourism also offers a huge employment source and staycations like homestay in kerala  constitute a significant part of the Hospitality Sector.

A significant source of exchange currency for any tourism-related activity.

The Indian hotels and tourism industries are the main drivers for growth and growth. It is important to note that the Scope of the Hotel Industry can be in danger due to the current explosion of low-cost alternatives and other alternatives to stay, however, hotels remain a key part of the tourism industry of any nation or state. Tourism and the hotel industry play an important part in supporting one another and meeting their respective needs. Their connection to this industry is crucial and therefore, they are not complete and both industries will not be successful without one another. For more information click here :

Some Recent Hotels Sector Analysis

Let us discuss with you some recent changes and the importance of the hotel Industry within the Tourism industry of India. It has not just boosted the industry of tourism but has also brought job opportunities, and foreign exchange transactions, which makes India the third largest foreign exchange earner. The industry thanks to hotels is growing. Here’s a fresh development in the business!!

  • Hotels and their efforts to promote Tourism have led to a huge increase in India. The growing economy is an employment source and an important supply of exchange earnings for the country. Tourism in India is, in fact, the third-largest exchange of foreign currency in the nation. The boom in tourism has had a cascading impact on the sector of hospitality due to the rise in occupancy rates as well as the average price of rooms.
  • The World Travel and Tourism Council announced that India was one of the top tourist destinations in 2009. It is expected to remain one of the most popular tourist destinations. In addition, the hotel industry has also grown due to this, and in turn. Hotels can also bring a little spark to the tourism industry.
  • The hotel and tourism sector is in the top 10 industries in India and also attracts the highest foreign Investment (FDI) in the country and World Tourism from around the globe. Tourism and hotels have attracted an estimated US$1 10.6 billion in FDI between 2000 and 2017.
  • In recent years, the Indian hotel industry is actively contributing to the country’s economic growth. The trend is likely to increase gradually, which will boost or give significance to the tourist experience of any location. Tourism and hotels are positively impacting the local economy to improve the volume of domestic travel.



In the long run, the gap in demand and supply between the Hotelier and the Tourism industry is a major issue in India and has created a need for hotels to be built as time passes. Tourists are naturally declining due to the absence of hotels, and the demand for standard budget hotels is an absolute requirement. There is a pressing demand for mid- and budget hotels in India which provide more affordable accommodations for all types of visitors and will enhance the value of the tourism industry.

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