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Corsets have always been a great part of the fashion world. From being the essence of femininity and power in the renaissance period to the sexiest fashion choice in 2022, they have come a long way.

Today, designers have found new ways to make the corset trend momentous. From classic ball gowns to contemporary mermaid dresses to sexy tops, you can jump into the trend in many ways. In fact, corset dresses are now the most sought-after style for formal occasions, including prom, weddings, and balls. 

If you, too, wish to channel your royalty on a special day, a corset dress is an answer! Check out essential tips to pull it off like an ultimate diva. 

Body Shape

Dress For Your Body Shape

Though corsets are universal, the silhouette and style of the dress make the difference. 

When choosing the dress, make sure it’s flattering for your body type. It should accentuate your best parts and camouflage your flaws. For example, a body-hugging sheath corset outfit helps outline the waist, making up a perfect pick for hourglass ladies. On the other hand, plus-size women should go for a-line or fit & flare silhouettes, as they minimize the midsection and create an illusion of a slimmer figure. 

The same goes for the neckline. A corset outfit comes in all possible types of necklines – choose the *one* that suits your body shape the best. 

Ensure The Perfect Fit

While the lace-up does all the work when it comes to fitting, consider a dress with a small shaped corset in the first place. It ensures a perfect fit than a corset made of large-shaped pieces of fabric. 

black dress

Don’t Tie The Dress Too Much

The benefit of a corset top dress is that it makes a waist look slimmer and offers huge support to the bust. The magic lies in the lace-up part – it brings a body into a defined shape. But this doesn’t mean that you should tie the dress too much.

When wearing a corset dress, you must feel secure but not squeezed. At the same time, the dress shouldn’t be so loose that it makes you look unproportioned.

Simply put, tie the dress in a perfect amount so that it enhances the best parts of your body while making you feel comfortable. 

Don’t Hesitate To Take Help

You’ll need someone to help you out, especially when it’s a flowy corset gown. To avoid feeling nervous on an important occasion, decide who will help you put on the outfit in advance. It can be your friend, sister, mother, or anyone you feel comfortable with.

white dress

Choose The Right Bra

Most corset outfits, be it a dress, gown, or top, come up with built-in cups, meaning you don’t need to wear a bra. If the dress doesn’t have cups, you may ask the seamstress to sew them in. 

However, if you want some extra support for a big bust or add extra volume to a small bust, you’ll need a bra that complements. 

Choose a bra that goes along with the neckline. If your corset top dress is strapless, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, or backless, you’ll want to go for something that properly hides underneath. Strapless, bandeau, and adhesive bras are some of the great picks in this case. 

Accept That Your Movements Will Be Constrained

Before you head into the corset trend, you need to accept the fact that your movements will be a bit constrained. Unlike other dresses and pantsuits, it isn’t much breathable or feels on the loose. 

But don’t fret; it isn’t that scary. By picking the right silhouette, and soft fabric, and ensuring the perfect fit, you can feel comfortable in a corset dress. 

Be Confident

So, who doesn’t want to walk like they own the room? You’ll be glad to know that the corset outfit already does the maximum work. It holds your back straight, giving you a beautiful posture. 

All you have to do is be confident about yourself and put on your precious smile to make every move count. Let all the attention be on you, lady!

Final Words

The corset trend is bigger than you think! If you want to stay on the frontline of the trend and flaunt an exquisite statement on your next special occasion, a corset dress is certainly the best choice. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines when wearing the *one* to have the most charming day in a corset.

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