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How to Start Streaming to Multiple Platforms with OBS

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In the 21st century, social media has become a part and parcel of our life. People have gained enough knowledge to use social media platforms for their benefits. They either extract knowledge from it, or just socialize. But in one way or another, it has become an integral part of our routine. People now have started earning through social media as well. And they are known as content creators. One form of content creation is streaming. As content creators seek to grow, they want to start streaming to multiple platforms. In this way, they can reach multiple audiences and grow their network. As live streaming can take more than one hour, that’s why content creators want an easy option to multiple streams. There are several platforms that provide tools for streaming to multiple platforms in a seamless manner. One of the tools is OBS Studio. OBS multistreaming helps you to stream on multiple platforms at one time.

In this article, we will discuss everything about OBS Studio and how you can start streaming to multiple platforms with OBS. Also, we will talk about, a platform that helps you stream live from OBS.

What is OBS

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is a free program that allows you to connect to your computer and stream stuff. This programme will help you prepare your content, such as audio and video, as well as turn on your camera and microphone for live streaming.

OBS Multistreaming Studio Logo
OBS Multistreaming Studio Logo

The following are the requirements for OBS

  • Compatible with AMD FX series or Intel i5 2000-series processor (dual or 4-core preferred) or higher DirectX 10 compliant graphics card for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • RAM of at least 4 GB is required (recommended, but not necessary)

OBS might seem a little difficult to start with but it is surely a best companion for streamers. OBS multistreaming will help you create professional streams in the blink of an eye.

How To Use OBS Studio

  • If you have not installed the OBS Studio yet, it is time to configure it with your system. Head over to their official website and select your platform. That is Windows, Mac or Linux. Download the file and start the installation.
  • You can add additional features while installation but it is recommended to leave the boxes blank. Launch the OBS studio and start using.
  • The Auto-Configuration Wizard appears after the first time you launch OBS Studio. This software analyses your system and applies the best appropriate settings for your device.
  • When you initially start OBS, you’ll notice that the scenes box in the bottom left has one empty scene. You have the option to delete it, rename it, or create a new one. Keep in mind that only one scene will be aired at a time. A scene is made up of the video and audio layers that OBS has captured. There is only one input for each of these tiers.
  • Initially, OBS selects your device’s audio and video settings but you can always change it manually. 

OBS Multistreaming

  • Go to Settings after installing OBS on your system. To start your first stream, let’s say on YouTube. Click on stream and customize the settings.
  • You will have to create a new stream if you want to start the stream on a different platform, such as Facebook.
  • Go to Settings and select Output from the drop-down menu. On your screen, a configuration window will appear. Enter the stream URL and the appropriate output options.
  • Click OK and it will start streaming on multiple platforms automatically. 

Stream From OBS to LivePush

If you have OBS downloaded on your system. Create a LivePush account.

After that, follow these simple steps

  • Go to Dashboard and click on your live stream or pre recorded session. 
  • Copy your RTMP Server and Stream Key from your Stream Dashboard and paste them into the video player. These are the two settings you will need to set up your OBS streaming.
  • In the OBS window, click on the setting button on the bottom right. This will open the OBS Settings Dialog Box.
  • Now open OBS and go to settings. Select Stream from the left menu on the dashboard. Set service to custom and paste your RTMP server URL and key.
  • Click on OK and save the inputs.
  • And start streaming by clicking on the ‘Start Streaming’ button. 
  • Your live stream would appear on the LivePush stream dashboard.


Live Streaming has emerged as the most recent trend for establishing a strong brand visibility and engaging with your audience in real time. However, it’s no secret that live streaming on several platforms may be time-consuming. Fortunately, the strategies listed above, as well as LivePush, will allow you for streaming on multiple platforms quickly and efficiently. These will help you boost your social media presence and captivate more audiences. 

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