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Although the capacity to accurately measure the square footage of a structure is required in today’s climate, many facility managers have not included any new measurements since their facilities were initially constructed. Unnecessary spending on a wide range of structures as a consequence of wrong square footage measures may result in significant difficulties such as construction project delays and financial losses, among other things, in the long run. Incorrect square footage measurements are particularly problematic.

The exact space data of your building must now be calculated in order to increase the efficiency of its maintenance and operations. By the end of this article, we hope you will have a better understanding of the definitions and computations for four common categories of square footage: 

  • gross square footage, 
  • net square footage, 
  • net assignable square footage, 
  • and net cleanable square footage. 

We hope you will find this article to be helpful. 

The quantity of space filled by a building is measured in gross square footage, which is a unit of measurement. Square footage is used to refer to the total amount of space that a structure occupies, and it is stated as a percentage of the total amount of space utilized by a structure. It’s common knowledge that when people speak about square footage, they’re referring to gross square footage, which is also the most often utilized sort of square footage in the construction industry. If you have this information, you will be better prepared to do preventative maintenance at your facilities, which will allow your company to save money on maintenance expenditures overall.


When it comes to the construction business, gross square feet is a unit of measurement that refers to the entire enclosed square footage of a structure as measured from the building’s exterior walls in a specific direction. 

In general, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, GSF is often regularly employed during the planning and budgeting stages of operations and maintenance projects. In addition, based on the information acquired so far, it is thought to be beneficial for benchmarking purposes inside the operations and maintenance department itself.


The term net square feet “NSF” is synonymous with gross square feet (GSF), with the exception that it does not include portions of the structure that are inaccessible to humans because of physical limitations. Generally speaking, gross square feet (GSF) is a unit of measurement for the whole area of a building. 

As a result, the National Security Framework would encompass spaces where individuals may possibly get access, such as offices and schools. In addition to these areas, additional sites where persons may possibly obtain access would be included, including corridors, stairwells, and closets, to name a few. The National Science Foundation does not consider space taken up by walls or mechanical chases that are walled off between walls or floors to be space because they are classified as non-structural in nature and therefore do not qualify as space according to the organization’s standards.

Because measuring square footage is simple, it is an excellent unit of measurement for a variety of applications, including assessing circulation, capital planning for building renovations, and establishing the location of mechanical systems. 

In certain cases, obtaining financing from the National Science Foundation (NSF) may be difficult and time-consuming, while other colleges do not have funds that are readily accessible to applicants or that they can utilize to pay their study. There may be a solution to this problem in the form of space management software, which would enable for more precise measurements to be taken in less time.


When the total of all of the spaces that have been assigned or are available for assignment to a particular purpose is expressed as a number of square feet or meters, it is referred to as the resident’s Net Assignable square feet calculator. A few examples of the many sorts of spaces that may be allocated are classrooms, laboratories, offices, study areas and residential quarters.

Generally, a place is deemed to be part of the net assignable square feet computation if it allows residents to fulfill a portion of their institution’s objective within a reasonable length of time in that area. Because they are not included in the calculation of net assignable square feet, it is not essential to include spaces such as stairwells, corridors, elevator shafts, and closets in the calculation of net assignable square feet.


According to the cleaning business, the word “net cleanable square foot” is a term that refers to the total amount of floor space that can be cleaned in a certain period of time that is measured in square feet. 

In the event that your cleaning crew is on the job and has to contact the NCSF (National Cleaning Safety Foundation), having their phone number readily available is crucial. When it comes to a range of situations, having reliable NCSF readings may be beneficial, including the selection of custodial workers, the management of money, and the hiring of service providers, to mention a few.

In order to ensure that the task is accomplished correctly and successfully in the first place, realistic custodial budgets take into consideration the pricing of chemicals, paper supplies, equipment, and cleaning employees. It is possible that your institution’s cleaning budget is either too low or too expensive as a consequence of a lack of understanding of the genuine NCSF of your institution.

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