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Sports marketing only in the period from 2018 to 2019

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Up 12.5% ​​from 2017, it’s definitely backed by millions of industries worldwide that invest and promote their branded properties through events, leagues, teams, federations and professional athletes. In fact, the alliance between brands and sports is incomparable, absolutely unbeatable, not only as a business, but also in front of the titanic entertainment industry. So, in 2018 alone, sports sponsorship increased by 12.5%, generating more than $255,000 million in benefits, according to data published in a global report by leading sports marketing company Euromorcles Sport. Best Aditsm Brands

Positive prospects

These numbers are just a sampling of what has been estimated for the industry through sports marketing. At the end of 2018, funds allocated to traditional advertising were said to have increased by 13% compared to the more than 32% growth in digital investment. Similarly, a third of the profits that brands spend on sports and their businesses goes specifically to North American leagues. And we know that after the USA and the world’s most popular sports organization, the Super Bowl, Europe is on the agenda with football leagues that attract millions of fans. LGLs990

How has Covid-19 affected sports?

The sports industry was one of the first to get the real hard hook from the corona virus pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, life changed us all and the closure put many 해외스포츠중계 related businesses under control. It was expected to be a year of significant business growth and major investments, but the pandemic and disruption to sporting events has forced businessmen to look for other ways to avoid losing visibility, money or time.

Despite the challenging scenario we have experienced since then,

Sports marketing is presented as an effective channel of action to keep us on the right track. It has managed to stand out in the midst of a crisis, whether through e-commerce or through ads on Google and Facebook. Many merchandise-focused businesses and chain stores did not suffer major losses, instead of maintaining their growth forecasts for the year due to the exercise needs of a limited population seeking alternatives to staying active at home.

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