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Some Tooth Restoration Ways For Root Canal Treatment In Kolkata

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The appearance and function of teeth can be restored in a variety of ways. The type and extent of tooth damage determines the sort of restoration method required.

Fillings in the teeth

Cavities caused by tooth decay are filled by fillings. The most prevalent type of dental restoration is crowns. Filling is done in a dental office and does not necessitate professional assistance. Cavities are removed and filled by your dentist. Silver amalgam and composite resin are two materials that can be used to fill the teeth. Your dentist may recommend a Dental Braces in Kolkata if your teeth are in front of your mouth and can be seen when you talk or laugh.

The choices are as follows

Composite Resin (White Fill): This is a novel substance used in dental fillers that has various advantages over amalgam fillers. Metal fillings expand, contract, and destroy your teeth. Composite fillings are the same colour as your teeth and do not expand, contract, or damage your teeth. They are, nevertheless, as sturdy and long-lasting as metal cushioning. Glass ionomer is an opaque substance that functions more like a sealer than a composite resin. Resin-denatured glass ionomer: Similar to glass ionomer, but it blends in nicely with the teeth and has a long-lasting enamel colour. Consult your dentist to decide the appropriate filling for your teeth with Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata.


Dental crowns are a type of cap that covers the entire tooth. Tooth crowns are used to safeguard teeth that have cavities that are too large to be filled with dental fillings. For details of Root Canal Treatment In Kolkata click on Click on

  • Teeth that are weak or fractured
  • Teeth that have been worn out
  • According to the root canal, a tooth that is susceptible.
  • They’re also utilized to hold a bridge in place when teeth are missing.

Crowns, also known as prostheses, are inserted by a dentist or a dental specialist. Your dentist may be able to create a crown for you if you require one.


Replacement teeth such as crowns and bridges are held in place by implants, which are prosthetic tooth roots. Endosperm and periosteum are the two main forms. Artificial roots can be drilled into the jawbone in this procedure. Subperiosteal. The artificial root is attached to the jawbone above or below it. When there isn’t enough healthy jawbone to support an endosteal implant in place, this type of implant is used. Dental implants have the appearance and feel of real teeth. They can aid in the improvement of your bite and speech. Implants necessitate a number of procedures before they can be completed. Though they can take months to create, they have the potential to last decades.

Implant surgery is performed by oral surgeons and periodontists, both of whom are dentists.

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