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Should you invest in Video wall? How the system helps you in real time?

Auditoriums video wall solution
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Digital signage or digital visual communication can gain even more efficiency with the use of Videowalls. It is one of the image systems with the highest quality, versatility, beauty, and flexibility on the market. In addition, the rate of return for companies that bet on using it is usually quite satisfactory.

But what is this technology? Video Wall, also known as a display wall, consists of an array of various displays. These integrated systems can form a single image, or even a personalized set of images, depending on the needs of the person who invests in the resource.

Types of use of Videowall

Earlier, video wall was used in control and CCTV monitoring rooms due to the wide visualization provided. Today it is increasingly common to find this technology also in the function of visual communication in cinemas, shopping malls, airports, and events. In addition, the video wall is also used as an institutional communication tool, arranged in the reception of large organizations.

Reasons to invest

The Video wall is one of the Digital signage solutions that most attracts the attention of the public and, therefore, is among the tools that bring the best results to companies. To make it clearer, imagine that you are in an airport or shopping center and suddenly, you find yourself in front of a big screen displaying attractive content.

Even if it were only for a short time, you would stop to observe the images. Do not you think so? This is exactly what the networked video walls provide. In addition to visibility, the resource offers other benefits.

Quality content

The quality of the content is certainly the main reason for the existence of video walls. As new screens are added, the images not only increase in size but also increase in resolution. However, to guarantee the quality standard, it is necessary to have suitable processors. They are responsible for maintaining the content on the screens and ensuring full operation.

Long-lasting audio and video technology

Video walls are much more than giant screens. They are developed for high durability, even when used frequently. This means low maintenance, unlike traditional projectors that require downtime after use and occasional lamp replacement.


Interactivity is already as usual as it is interesting in all sizes of devices. On giant video wall screens, this can become even more impressive. It is possible to navigate maps, investigate data, play games and carry out numerous strategies that captivate users in unique ways.

Effective communication

Educational and corporate institutions are increasingly betting on video walls to create communication links with their audience, reception areas, and video collaboration rooms. In many places, such as those mentioned above, video walls are embedded with feature-rich software so they can display information in real-time.

Simple control

A system like this offers easy control, even if both units in it are separate. The controller helps the communication between the display units and PC, therefore, the video wall is considered a perfect solution that helps manage the content in a cost-effective and efficient method.

Simple video wall operation

This type of digital wall is a series of monitors that, once joined, form a large screen for better viewing. This allows the solution to display more than 1 type of information at a time; In addition, the information can be displayed in any way.


A video wall system has a higher efficiency than any other digital signage. Monitors allow you to schedule and manage content. At the same time, it allows content to be distributed throughout the entire digital signage network.

Digital signage provides excellent interactivity as they are made with technologies that allow the user to transform the video wall into a multi-touch surface. By installing this type of solution in places such as offices or restaurants, the attraction of customers to these spaces is visible.

Situation Management

Video walls are also a must-have tool used to tie information together across multiple resources, therefore allowing security personnel to spot security breaches instantly. Buying this type of solution is not easy. It requires an experienced team.

In the end: Care before implementing a video wall solution

Before implementing a video wall solution, whether in control and monitoring rooms or as a digital visual communication strategy, it is essential to certify that the chosen VuWall Technology Inc. video wall solution company can deliver a complete solution.

It includes consulting on the best technology to be used, the supply of high-quality products, professional and structural installation, the correct configuration, and, mainly, the guarantee and maintenance that provide the proper functioning of the solution.

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