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Seven Powerful LinkedIn Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Powerful LinkedIn Features
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If you belong to the corporate world, there are high chances that you have been using LinkedIn for quite some time now for various work purposes like creating your brand awareness, expanding your professional network, attracting prospective employees for your company, etc.

It’s interesting how LinkedIn offers a wide range of useful features to enhance our company growth and individual profile. Even though most of its features are pretty common for the majority of us, still there are several hidden options on LinkedIn that aren’t so obvious. So, here we have come up with a complete list of it – it would not only help you to reap the maximum benefits of your LinkedIn account, but also step up your networking game.

Let’s get started!

  1. Control Who Can See Your Contact List

Are you also worried that your rivals or competitors might reach your potential clients? Well, fret not – LinkedIn got you covered.

LinkedIn offers an exclusive feature to control who can see your connections. This not only lets you restrict specific audiences from checking out your contact list, but also allows you to hide your connections from everyone.

To access the settings, simply go to “Settings & Privacy” and click on “Who Can See Your Connections” from under the “Visibility” tab. Now, enable the “Only you” settings. It’s that simple!

  1. Private Mode

Did you know that you can view LinkedIn profiles in Private Mode as well?

Well, LinkedIn offers an exclusive feature to hide your profile details if you wish to view other people’s profiles anonymously. For example, you can easily check out any of your competitors, or colleague’s profile without revealing your identity to them. Once you enter the Private Mode, LinkedIn sends a customized notification to your viewed profile like, “1 Person viewed your profile in Private Mode”.

To access the Private Mode, simply open your “Settings & Privacy” page under the “Visibility” tab. Now, tap on “Profile viewing options” and select “Private mode” to view profiles as an “Anonymous LinkedIn Member.”

  1. Showcase Pages

LinkedIn allows you to segment your audience according to your customers. For example, you can create customized Showcase Pages under your main company page. Each segmented Showcase Page tends to focus on particular aspects of your company. For example, you can categorize audiences according to interests, profession, work nature, or any other specifications.

If you wish to create a Showcase Page for yourself, simply go to your LinkedIn Business Page, and click on the Admin Tools > Create a Showcase Page. Now, insert the name of your page and its URL.

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Isn’t that wonderful?

  1. Save Your Searches

Let’s admit it, most of our time on LinkedIn is utilized in searching random people on the app, such as potential customers, competitors, ex-work colleagues, etc.

Therefore, LinkedIn makes sure that you do not have to insert new search details every time. It allows you to save your searches for the future so that you can easily keep a track of all your previously searched profiles. Interestingly, LinkedIn also allows you to set up search alerts if someone matches up with your profile. Sounds cool, right?

If you wish to enable these settings, simply go to the “Create search alert” option appearing on the right-hand side of your screen and follow the drop-down menu instructions. That’s it!

  1. Send Messages Without Connecting

Did you know that you can send messages to any person on LinkedIn, even if they aren’t connected with you? Sounds surprising, right?

However, to access this feature, you need to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium membership. It would provide you with the option to send messages outside your contact list. For example, once you become the premium member, your message to people outside your network will be sent to their InMail inbox, even if they aren’t in the same company as you. But, since this option allows you to send a specific number of messages only at a time, it would be best if you save this feature for important purposes only.

  1. Voice Notes

LinkedIn Voice Notes feature is ranked among the least-used options on the app.

Just WhatsApp, and various other networking apps like Messenger and Instagram, LinkedIn also allows you to communicate via voice notes.

LinkedIn voice note feature is highly-reliable and features a crystal-clear voice quality for the users. These voice notes are not only convenient for sending text messages on the go but also to record your emotions so that your text is perceived better by your contacts.

In this tough era of COVID-19 and social distancing, it’s essential for each one of us to find effective ways to interact with our teammates, customers, and potential employers. Voice recordings let you do just that!

  1. Create Polls

LinkedIn allows you to create different polls for your contacts. It is the perfect way to increase your post engagement and to gain valuable insights into your audiences.

LinkedIn polls can be used for multiple purposes such as for asking funny, or hypothetical questions, inquiring about any company’s work structure, or maybe for typical voting purposes.

The best part is that creating LinkedIn polls is extremely easy. Simply access the option of creating new posts, and then click on the “Create a poll”.

In a Nutshell

We hope you enjoyed reading about the above-mentioned features. Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed out on any of your favorite features in the list.

Also, you need to remember that LinkedIn does not work without the internet, so you need to ensure being connected to a high-coverage internet connection like Grande internet before accessing the app.

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