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Second decision: Which clinic do I choose?

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After exhaustively informing myself, I did not find any evidence that here it is done better than there: neither by technique, nor by professional qualification, nor by means. I only found an authentic, true and irrefutable but: the postoperative period you have to do it at 3,000 kilometers. And, at first, that’s not cool. In short: at the same price I would have done it in Spain, but that is not the case. It’s decided, I’m going to Dubai. Tense, but I’m leaving.

You are, surely, facing the greatest of your problems in this whole process. 

You are going to have to play it because on the Internet it is very difficult to differentiate the real opinions from the ones that are not. Many messages in the forums smack of marketing, and the vast majority of real cases that you are going to see you know how they start but, after a few months, they stop showing signs of life. Come on, they do not see their hair again and this, in what concerns us, is the least disturbing. The vast majority of Turkish clinics work with the same procedure. They have an agency or a person in our country that manages absolutely everything with Spanish patients. Almost all of them include the hotel, the flight (in some you will have to find it on your own), travel, a translator at all times and all the services of the clinic.

I found quite good references, the photos of the clinic gave confidence 

and I verified that Dr. Aging is a regular in congresses, talks and events on Hair Clinic Dubai. And the real cases I saw seemed like that to me, real. I contacted Aratravel, his agency in Spain, and the next day I was sending them stunning close-ups of my cardboard. When you see yourself in the situation, I warn you that that top view is going to kill you. Hold.

They would send the photos to the doctor so that he could study them, 

Check if I was suitable or not for the transplant, and if so, assess the number of follicles that I would need to graft. “In fifteen days we will answer you.”

Exactly 14 days later the reply arrived. As in jokes, there was good news and bad news. First, the good news: I am suitable for the transplant. Now the bad: I am so “depopulated” that to “repopulate” I would need two interventions, with a minimum interval of 6 months. The first to cover the front and the second to do the same with the crown. 

On the one hand, important downturn

 It already cost me to decide to go once… and now I find out that there are two. More time and more money because to the 2,990 euros of the first intervention, we must add 2,390 of the second. I think about it one afternoon and.

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 we continue for bingo.

The trip: let’s go

I’m in Barajas about to fly to Dubaifor the first of my hair escapades. I land after midnight in Istanbul where a transfer awaits me to take me to the hotel. The next day I have a consultation with Dr. Aygin in the afternoon, I take the opportunity to visit the city a bit beforehand. In the consultation I am received by Teresa, a charming Mexican translator who will accompany me for the three days. Dr. Aygin shows up a few minutes later.

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