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Rosie a black Labrador was taught to sit

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Rosie, a black Labrador, was taught to sit, give me a paw and whisper. I also taught her to lie down, roll over, and play dead. Once, I took her to a pond for swimming and she landed on something that we had brought with her. She loves to chase cats, lick my face, and eat the cat food cans. Samantha, age 10, Maine USA

Tucker (my yellow Labrador) is three years old

He’s adorable and very friendly. He knows many tricks, including high fives, bye-bye and Air Bud. He is such a great dog, I would not trade him for any other dog. He enjoys being with people, especially children. He’s the first to get in the car when we travel somewhere.

He sits next to me and places his head on my shoulder. Arizona Birds  There are fireworks every year at our trailer. He hides in his car when the fireworks are over. He thinks the exact same thing about thunderstorms.” Julia, age 8, Oshawa (Ontario, Canada).Coco, a Labrador Retriever, is my favorite dog. He makes the cutest faces and barks whenever there’s another animal. Jocelyn, 11 years old, Ontario CanadaRosie a black Labrador was taught to sit

Last Thoughts

The Labrador Retriever is a social, outgoing Labrador Retriever that can be friendly and affectionate with children, other dogs, cats, and family pets. Labrador Retrievers shed a lot more than other dogs, so they may not be the best choice for allergy sufferers. You will need to dedicate plenty of time to grooming your Lab.

Labrador Retrievers are very active and will happily join in obedience classes and dock diving. A Labrador Retriever is the ideal companion for hunting trips if you love shooting. He’s adorable. He enjoys swimming at the Lake. He enjoys walking.

And saying good-bye

He cried a lot when we took him to the carwash. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus Everyone was staring at us when we got out. He is named Jake. He weighs 120 pounds. My dog is my best friend. Even if my dog is a bit rambunctious or chews at underwear, I will love him forever.

I will always keep my dog and never sell him for any amount of money. When I get older, I want to own a dog kennel. I would love to have every dog in this world. “Even if they were ugly I would still love them,” Amanda, age 11, Ohio USA

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