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Responsible for the lower secondary education course in integrated education

Certificate IV in IT
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What is widely know in Japan as an English test is the Practical English Proficiency Test, which is adopte as an entrance examination for high schools and universities and as a credit certification, and is take by a wide range of age groups? On the other hand, Certificate IV in IT is used all over the world as a test to measure the English proficiency of foreigners who do not speak English as their mother tongue. Schools that have been incorporating Eiken into their English instruction for a long time are increasingly switching to TOEFL Primary / TOEFL Junior due to the momentum of globalization.

Keio Futsubu School, which is a boys’ junior high school that is responsible for the lower secondary education course of Certificate IV in IT in Keio’s integrated education, is one of them. We asked Professor Satoshi Atobe, Department of English, Keio Futsubu School, about the school’s goal of English education and the aim of shifting from Eiken to TOEFL.

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The spirit of “half-school and half-education” where each other learns

First of all, please tell us about the characteristics of your school’s education in Certificate IV in IT and the image of the human resources you want to develop. As you know, our school provides integrated education up to Keio University, so. You do not have to take the exam while you are still in school. Apart from studying for entrance exams such as high school entrance exams. And university entrance exams, we will develop people who can think effectively and reasonably. In the future learn the basics of all subjects evenly and explore the essence of learning. I am aiming to do it.

From that point of view, it is not just a matter of getting points for entrance exams, but a policy of comprehensively learning the four skills. Keio University has the idea of ​​”school and education in certificate 4 in information technology” in which we work hard with each other. As the word “half learn and half teach”, we are building a class community like a learning community where we teach and teach each other. We practice not only learning from teachers, but also education that allows students to learn from each other.

What is your image of half-school and half-education in English subjects?

To introduce an example in my class, there is an effort to recite the English sentence. At the end of the text and perform the test. Children who are good at English and who have mastered it early will be qualified as mentors. A child who has not passed the test goes to the mentors. The child announces the recitation, and the mentor takes time to listen. To the recitation on behalf of the teacher, and if it passes, stamps the record card. I’ll give it to you.

Asking people or asking friends is difficult if left alone, but it is natural to teach. Each other by incorporating ideas that allow students to complement each other. It’s not a bad thing to ask people what you don’t understand, it’s ideal to reach a learning attitude. And mentality that teaching people is good for you, not just for yourself. I think it is.

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